Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2020/10

The main subject of the October issue of the "Health and Safety Promoter" is safe work in welding. In the latest issue you can also read about: safe use of lithium batteries, office work during a pandemic, taking care of personal protective equipment, the situation of first aid training in the era of coronavirus, safety standards at Mercedes-Benz. The newest edition also features a special "Safe Production" add-on.

  • Subject of the issue
    • Health and safety at the position of a welder (8)
      The basis for ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions in the position of the causative agent is, inter alia, prevention against mechanical injuries and electric shock. So what should the organization of the welder's workplace look like?
  • Promotional article
    • World's 1st Curved Auto Welding Filter (10)
      The curved filter provides an exceptional field of view, 2.5 shade, Natural Color Technology, 4 sensors for arc detection, data exchange technology and a slim design of the helmet.
  • Risk assessment
    • Operator's occupational risk assessment on an opencast mine (16)
      Extraction in an opencast mine is carried out on the surface by discovering the next layers of raw material. There is no underground work, even though this mine is called a mining plant. What is the job of an operator in an opencast mine?
  • Work Safety
    • Lithium batteries - safe use, transport and storage (22)
      About 60% of the batteries on the market are lithium batteries. They should be transported and stored according to strictly defined rules. What rules should be kept in mind when handling batteries in order to minimize the risk of accidents?
    • Energy equipment operating manual (26)
      On March 26, 2020, the Ordinance of the Minister of Energy of August 28, 2019 on health and safety at work with energy devices entered into force. It replaced the existing regulation with the same title, issued on March 28, 2013 by the Minister of Economy. We present the revised regulations.
    • Office work and the coronavirus (30)
      Administrative and office employees are a group of support positions in the company. The work of this group of employees usually consists in carrying out tasks using a computer for more than 4 hours a day. What is their job like during a pandemic?
  • Personal protection
    • Taking care of personal protective equipment (34)
      Among the many safety elements that protect the employee, we can distinguish personal protective equipment. In order for the measures to be effective, they must not only be properly selected, but also must be properly used and maintained.
  • Good practices
    • Safety standards in Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Poland (38)
      Mercedes-Benz is the inventor of the car and the oldest premium car brand in the world. Mateusz Kowal, Senior EHS Specialist, in an interview with Małgorzata Wołoch-Lach, introduces the safety standards at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.
  • Ergonomics
    • The load on the locomotor system at the firefighter's stand of the State Fire Service (42)
      A firefighter can be found everywhere where human health or life, often also animals, is at risk. He must be a person with above-average physical fitness. Therefore, proper selection is necessary - selection of candidates for service in the fire brigade.
  • First aid
    • First aid training situation during a pandemic (46)
      Pursuant to the provisions of Polish law, providing first aid to a person whose life is at risk with health is at risk of everyone. We discuss how to conduct first aid training during a pandemic.
  • Special supplement - Safe production
    • Safety development in a production plant (50)
      It is worth looking at the organization of safe work in production through the prism of the requirements for the employer in the field of safety relating to: facilities, rooms, workstations, machines, devices and equipment. We discuss health and safety rules and requirements applied in halls and production lines.
    • Permanent means of access to machines. Selected issues (56)
      Many accidents are related to inadequate access to machinery. The use of permanent means of access should enable workers to move safely and easily access the places of operation or maintenance. What should the employer pay attention to in this matter?
    • A serious accident while operating the firewood processor (61)
      In March this year, a serious accident occurred at a wood-processing plant while operating a firewood processor, which resulted in a 71-year-old worker losing his right hand. According to the National Labor Inspectorate's inspector, the machine did not meet the basic safety requirements.
  • Events (66)

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