Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy (Legal and Work Service) 2020/21

  • The subject of the month
    • Contribution to and taxation of managers' revenues (11)
      A manager, i.e. a person participating in the process of professional management of an enterprise, performs his tasks most often on the basis of a managerial contract. The contract is concluded in most cases in the form of a civil law contract (contract of mandate or provision of services) - less often as an employment contract.
  • Labor law
    • New obligations of employers regarding the posting of workers (15)
      The amendment to the provisions on the posting of workers introduced a wider scope of guaranteed employment conditions for workers posted to Poland after 12 months of posting (or after 18 months of posting in the case of submitting a justified notification to the National Labor Inspectorate).
  • Salaries
    • Settlement of food vouchers and prepaid cards for meals and preventive drinks (23)
      For some groups of employees, employers are required to finance preventive drinks and meals. Employers often offer staff food stamps and prepaid cards in case they are unable to provide employees with meals, food or soft drinks.

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