Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2018/11

In the current issue you can read about both the history of standardization and the latest standardization work

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    • A brief history of PKN (4)
      The year 2018 is special because it is the age since Poland regained independence. And just as in 1918 new hopes appeared, the desire for freedom came true, our country woke up to independent existence, so there was a strong need to undertake standardization work. "We were not the last to realize the role and tasks of normalization in the economic and social life of the state. The Polish technical world at the dawn of independence raised the idea of normalization, promoted it and led - one of the first - to create an institution dedicated to these issues on the extent and character of the state".
    • Railway traffic safety - formerly and today (6)
      In response to the constantly increasing requirements in the area of railway traffic safety, the Technical Committee 61 on Electric Traction Equipment has developed the Polish language version of PN-EN 50617-1: 2015-12 - 12 Railway applications - Technical parameters of train detection systems relating to the interoperability of the trans-European system station. Lot 1: Track circuits. The standard was included in the Polish Norms collection in December 2017.
    • Standards for drone (10)
      Drones are more and more visible in private and public spaces because they are used for a wide range of activities: filming events, making impressive video or photos from the sky, or simply playing - they are immediately ready to use and relatively easy to fly.
    • New border of artificial intelligence (12)
      Artificial intelligence ceased to be the subject of science fiction movies, it became an unnecessary part of our everyday life. In factories, intelligent transport, even in the field of medicine - artificial intelligence (SI) is almost everywhere. But what exactly is it really? Why do you need International Standards? And what are some of the issues related to its normalization?
    • Batteries in the EU (15)
      The development and production of batteries are becoming even more crucial for Europe due to the use of electric mobility. The market of advanced portable and industrial batteries is also expected to grow significantly in the short and long-term perspective. Currently, battery production capacities are mainly located in Asia, so it is important for European leaders to be technologically independent in the future.
  • From standardization work
    • 45 ISO / TC 213 meeting (16)
      The meeting of the ISO / TC 213 Technical Committee and Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification took place in Poznań on 17-28 September 2018.
    • The new standard PN-B-06265: 2018-10 (18)
      Concrete - Requirements, properties, production and compliance - National supplement PN-EN 206 + A1: 2016-12.
    • KT 210 for Industrial Valves and Industrial Pipelines (19)
    • Technical Bodies - October 2018 (20)
    • Remembrance: Professor Jan Ryszard Dojlido (24)

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