Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2019/01

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    • Protection of supply chains against cyber attacks (4)
      Cybernetic resilience can only be achieved by focusing on information and operational technology.
    • How safe is your medical device? (8)
      The development of combined portable medical devices and applications as well as implants develops thanks to the emergence of the Internet of Things and advancement in the development of artificial intelligence. Manufacturers must therefore absolutely guarantee that these devices will be protected from cyber attacks, while preserving the privacy of all personal data that they collect, store and make available to health care providers and service providers.
    • How to take care of children's safety? (12)
      International Standards help parents cope with the dangers of intelligent toys.
    • ISO 14001 - practical guide for SMEs (14)
      The environmental management system is a management tool that enables the organization to identify and supervise the environmental impact of the organization's activities, products and services; improvement of environmental effects of operations; implementing a systematic approach to setting and achieving environmental goals.
  • From standardization work
    • Are athletes' dietary supplements safe? (16)
      It can be assumed that an adequate and varied diet in normal conditions will provide consumers with all the nutrients necessary for proper development and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, if this is not enough, consumers can decide to supplement the consumption of nutrients with food supplements. Chemicals used as a source of vitamins and minerals in the production of food supplements should be safe and assimilable by the body, which is why it was necessary to create a list of such substances.
    • KT5 for Refrigeration, Heat Pumps, Air-conditioners and Compressors (18)
      In 2018, KT5 developed Polish language versions of two parts of the PN-EN 378 standard, cooling systems and heat pumps that are very important for the refrigeration environment. This standard specifies the requirements for the safety of persons and property, provides guidance in the field of environmental protection and sets out procedures for the operation, maintenance and repair of cooling installations and recovery of refrigerants. The standard applies to new refrigeration installations, components as well as modifications to existing systems, also transferred and serviced in a new location.
  • TECHNICAL BODIES - December 2018 (20)

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