Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2019/02

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    • Normalization of electrical protective equipment and live working (4)
      The growing consumption of electricity around the world, combined with the turbulent increase in the number of manufacturers, their sales representatives and distributors, makes it increasingly difficult to obtain a power off for operating works. The increase in economic prosperity and environmental pressures around the world cause network expansion and require more efficient use of existing devices.
    • Detergent products in the light of Polish and European regulations - challenges (10)
      The Polish Association of the Cosmetics and Detergent Industry, operating in KT 201 for Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, organized a conference covering many legislative and technical aspects related to the current situation of detergents producers and distributors.
  • From standardization work
    • Security for PV solar systems (14)
      The Technical Committee 54 for Chemical Current Sources is currently developing the Polish language version of the PN-EN IEC 61730-1: 2018-06 - PV module safety assessment - Part 1: Requirements for construction. The standard addresses very important security issues.
    • Cleaner air - the new CEN Workshop Agreement (18)
      Workshop Agreement CEN / CWA17379 is the latest example of the active role of normalization in improving air quality for all Europeans, especially in urban areas. For the first time in this type of publication, the test methodology and guidelines recognized throughout Europe were included. They are used to test road cars for passenger cars and delivery vans to collect data on emissions of urban nitrogen oxides. The methods and requirements described in the agreement relate to the use of a test procedure carried out using portable emission measurement systems. The data collected in this way will allow an objective comparison of the emissions of various vehicles in different research centers.
    • A new standard for space software (20)
      According to the ESA (European Space Agency), there are currently over 5000 satellites around the Earth, of which only 1950 still operates. Satellites, which are broken or turned off, contribute to the creation of a huge mass of space debris of various types and sizes, the weight of which is estimated at over 8,400 tons. Standards can help solve this problem. EN 16602-80: 2018 has been published recently. The standard specifies the requirements for product quality assurance regarding the control, development and maintenance of software for space systems. 'Space systems' is a general concept covering many elements such as manned and unmanned spacecraft, launchers, loads, experiments and related ground equipment and infrastructure. The main purpose of the standard is to ensure that the use of the software is as secure as possible.
    • Gas Chromatography - Publication (22)
      At the end of last year, the third edition of the book titled Gas Chromatography - theory and practice appeared
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