Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2019/05

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    • Polish Standardization Day - conference "The role of standards in the development of Industry 4.0" (4)
      Industry 4.0 represents the so-called the fourth industrial revolution involving many social changes related to work and technological change. The widespread use of new technologies requires intelligent systems integration at different levels, which can only be achieved if the right technologies, interfaces and formats are clearly and reliably defined in the standards. Therefore, digitization and standardization must go hand in hand. On the occasion of the Day of Polish Normalization on May 22, the Polish Standardization Committee organized a conference, which presented, among others, systemic tools for supporting entrepreneurs, aspects related to the role of standards in the development of new technologies and their security as well as practical application of Industry 4.0 solutions.
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    • 3D printing (10)
      3D printing (spatial printing, 3D printing - 3D printing) is a popular name (synonym) of a new production technique: production of the up-and-coming, whose essence is the production of three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file based on a computer model. Various known processes and / or process chains are used to provide a specific material gain and thereby enable the object (article) to be formed by applying and combining successive layers of the same material and / or different materials, layer by layer.
    • Reorganization of the health care ecosystem (14)
      Today, for many people, technology is an inseparable part of life and health care. friendly robots provide daily medicine, algorithms diagnose diseases with greater accuracy than leading specialists, and a medical appointment can be made on Skype. As the world of medicine and technology approaches, the whole healthcare ecosystem is evolving and receiving new perspectives and solutions that incorporate the best ways to provide health care through advances in artificial intelligence technologies such as algorithms and machine learning along with connected intelligent devices and medical applications.
    • Underground self-propelled machines (18)
      Technical progress, and in particular the development of machinery and electronic equipment, seems to be something natural for each of us and brings not only a lot of tangible benefits, but also a threat. Current underground mining largely uses all kinds of modern machines, and defining security requirements for them is a particular challenge and is a priority for all interested parties.
    • Digital education redefines education (20)
      Imagine experiencing historical events in the way they actually run or discovering cellular biology in 3D from inside the body. Now possible thanks to the use of virtual reality.
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