Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2020/03

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    • Cryptocurrencies (4)
      ISO already has a standard for physical currencies - ISO 4217. It has been in use since 1978 and contains a list of currency codes verified by the World Bank. These codes are three letters. They are used by banks around the world during financial transactions. However, the development of digital currencies is so fast that the codes cannot keep up. The ISO 4217 standard is able to allocate approx. 500 three-letter codes, while digital currencies are created and used on the Internet in thousands of separate versions.
    • How do they migrate money? (10)
      The global financial system is currently undergoing the deepest transformation in recent history because a new market infrastructure, i.e. instant payments platform, is being implemented all over the world. The basis for these changes is the International Standard ISO 20022 Financial Services - Universal financial industry message scheme, which will probably change everything in payments soon.
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    • Agricultural machinery (14)
      Intensive agriculture is carried out around the world with a wide application of chemical fertilization and chemical plant protection. The higher the marketability of farm production, the higher the level of mechanization and chemization, the greater the pressure on the environment. The risk that plant products will be contaminated with dosed chemistry in the field production process (pesticide residues, nitrogen compounds, heavy metals) is also increasing. The presence of undesirable chemical compounds in crop plants is possible to limit if the chemisation will comply with the requirements of European Standards.
    • KT 123 for Testing of Metal Properties (18)
      In 2019, KT 123 for Metal Properties Research developed Polish language versions of standards that have a significant impact on improving the quality and safety of manufactured products. They contribute to increasing the comparability of methods for assessing products and materials from which they were manufactured.
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