Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/158 (05)

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    • Funding for salaries of employees and contractors - what help are we talking about (3)
      In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, employers may receive state support in the form of, among others co-financing of salaries of employed persons and funds for social security contributions. He is entitled under the anti-crisis act. How much exactly will this help amount to?
  • Recipes with commentary
    • After the cancellation of the epidemic, the inspectors of the National Labor Inspectorate will start with double force (6)
      The announcement of the Chief Labor Inspector regarding a significant reduction of control activity does not mean suspension of compliance with OSH regulations and rules. With the cessation of the epidemic, inspectors will return to control and verify employee complaints that regularly arrive during the epidemic. They will also check whether legal measures issued during previous audits have been implemented.
    • Change in provisions on medical examinations of employees during the epidemic (7)
      Due to the quick amendment of the COVID-19 Act, the provisions on preventive medical examinations of employees (during the epidemic) have also changed. These changes solve the problems with conducting initial, control and periodic examinations of employees and issuing referrals for these examinations.
    • Changes in the functioning of labor courts (8)
      During the coronavirus epidemic, labor courts practically suspended their activities. At the same time, many provisions adopted in connection with CO-VID-19 entered into force. Therefore, every employer should know how court proceedings are proceeding now. Lack of knowledge on this subject may have negative procedural consequences.
  • Subject of the issue
    • Uneven mask, or how to protect yourself against viruses (10)
      The use of personal protective equipment is now not only common sense, but also a legal requirement. In April, the use of disinfectant liquids and gloves in stores became mandatory. What about masks? So that wearing the mask has a real impact on the protection of employees, it is worth knowing when and what type of masks to buy, but also how to properly put on and remove them.
  • Working conditions
    • Maintenance of technical equipment before issuing a qualification certificate (12)
      It is the employer's responsibility to provide employees with work tools that correspond with the agreed work. Some of them are technical devices within the meaning of technical inspection regulations, for which officially confirmed qualifications are necessary. Can an employee who passed the exam and waits and the qualification certificate be allowed to operate, for example, a lift truck with a mechanical lifting drive? However, is it worth waiting for the formal confirmation of qualifications?
    • Medical examinations when changing the name of a workplace (13)
      Employment of an employee in another job is connected with the employer's need to meet, among others, obligations related to preventive medical examinations. It is the employer's duty to condition a employee's safe performance of official duties in a changed position is to refer that employee to medical examinations in terms of health predispositions to work in a changed position.
    • Periodic inspection of hand power tools (14)
      The owner or user is responsible for the technical condition of power tools - as it results from the regulations. However, they do not specify the scope and frequency of periodic testing of hand power tools. Therefore, persons performing their checks must use appropriate technical knowledge.
  • Risk assessment
    • Professional baker's risk according to the risk matrix method PN-N-18002: 2011 (16)
      There are many different known and used methods of occupational risk assessment, but the regulations do not prefer any of them. Therefore, it is the employer, at the request of the risk assessment team, who should decide on the method chosen. For persons assessing occupational risk for the first time or for which time we advise to use a simple, effective and fast method according to the Polish Standard PN-N-18002: 2011.
  • Health and safety training - questions and answers
    • Initial training card for the student on the internship. Do I have to make it? (20)
      The employer is obliged to ensure safe and hygienic conditions for classes held at the workplace by students and non-employees. This provision has a protective function, therefore, in relation to apprentices, the employer is obliged to apply all health and safety rules and regulations to the extent necessary to protect their health and life.

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