Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/167 (11)

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    • Permanent remote work in the Labor Code (3)
      The draft amendment to the Labor Code introducing the provisions on remote work into the labor law system is currently being dealt with by the Social Dialogue Council. Soon the project is to be submitted to ministerial arrangements, and then it will enter the parliamentary legislative path.
    • Coronavirus prompts reflection on occupational health and safety (4)
      It is difficult to talk about the positive aspects related to the COVID-19 epidemic. Regardless of this, the time of the epidemic has become a period of positive reflection on the issues related to activities aimed at ensuring safe working conditions for employees. All that remains is to cheer for this positive trend and discussion on the safety of work processes to continue after the epidemic ends.
    • Zero PIT for young people: changes from 2021 (5)
      Persons up to 26 years of age will not pay PIT from the next year on revenues obtained under internship contracts, as well as contracts for apprenticeships. This is the result of the government's youth support plan announced in the second half of September 2020.
  • Accidents at work
    • Accident analysis: worker in a blue-collar position - electric shock (6)
      In this article, we present an analysis of an accident that happened to a 51-year-old electrician. He was electrocuted when a repair team for 2 people (together with the owner of the company) brought in works related to the installation of a cable connection on an active low voltage (LV) line pole. What are the causes of the accident?
  • The subject of the issue
    • Cook - identification and characterization of work environment factors (8)
      The work of a cook carries many risks. The chef prepares various dishes, cakes, drinks and desserts from raw materials and food products according to established standards and culinary recipes. He works in restaurants, bars and other production rooms of gastronomic establishments and enterprises dealing in the production of culinary products and semi-finished products. Works in arduous conditions, in rooms with high temperature and air humidity, comes into contact with hot surfaces and products, sharp edges and knives. In the cook's occupational risk assessment, the workplace should be described and the risks that may arise should be identified.
  • Questions and Answers
    • Is it possible to update the risk assessment to COVID-19 collectively for all positions (12)
    • Are follow-up examinations necessary after more than 30 days of quarantine (12)
    • Family assistant. What is the name of the training for this employee (13)
  • Working conditions
    • Consequences of a worker refusing vaccinations (14)
      The employer is obliged to organize protective vaccinations for employees against tetanus, hepatitis A and typhoid fever. Before taking such action, ask for the employee's consent in writing. If an employee refuses to undergo vaccinations, can the employer allow him to work without vaccinations? What other consequences does such a refusal of an employee have?
    • What are the winter obligations of the employer and employees (15)
      Both employers and employees must be prepared for the working environment conditions that can be encountered in winter. Therefore, it is important that not only employers, supervisors and OHS services, but also employees care for work safety. This article discusses the employer's most important health and safety obligations in winter.
  • OHS training - questions and answers
    • Who should train a new director of an educational institution (19)
    • Can an employee entrusted with the tasks of the OHS service provide general instruction (19)
  • First aid
    • Chest pains (20)
      In first aid, sudden heart problems are referred to as chest pain. At the first aid level, there is no need to differentiate between heart attacks or other diseases associated with abnormal heart function, as the procedures will be the same in all cases.

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