Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2021/184

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    • There will be financial consequences for employers who employ illegally (3)
      The Ministry of Finance has prepared a draft tax act under the Polish Deal. Among the regulations it is to contain, there are provisions on counteracting the "gray zone". Any negative consequences of illegal employment and the payment of unrecorded wages will be passed on to the employer. Both in PIT and ZUS contributions.
    • Work in trade on Sundays and public holidays - there will be new restrictions (4)
      A bill has been submitted to the Parliament to amend the regulations on restricting trade on Sundays and public holidays. The main assumption is to tighten the rules related to trade in post offices these days. How will "prevailing postal activity" be defined? What additional obligations await employers taking advantage of the Sunday trade exemptions?
    • There are changes to the Waste Act (5)
      On September 23, 2021, the Act of August 11, 2021 amending the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities, the Act - Environmental Protection Law and the Act on waste entered into force. See the most important changes for the waste industry.
    • Postponement of the deadline for the implementation of electronic delivery (5)
      Electronic delivery will be the primary means of exchanging correspondence with public entities, which requires confirmation of posting or receipt. The amendment to the provisions on electronic delivery, signed by the president, postpones the date of implementation of the public service of registered electronic delivery (the so-called e-delivery). The entry into force of the regulations - scheduled for July 21, 2021 - has been postponed to October 5 this year.
  • Recipes with a comment
    • The consequences of lifting the epidemic (6)
      The fourth wave of the epidemic is gaining momentum, but two months ago there were voices about the possibility of lifting the epidemic. Eventually, the number of COVID-19 patients decreased, the number of vaccinated workers increased, and restrictions were relaxed. So what happens when an epidemic emergency is introduced? Until when will the special rules apply, for example, to preventive medical examinations of employees and health and safety training?
  • Health and safety service
    • Active participation of the OHS service in the appeal procedure before the bodies of the National Labor Inspectorate (8)
      The issues of technical safety at work are of particular interest to the bodies of the National Labor Inspectorate. Irregularities in this respect are regulated by inspectors by means of administrative orders, against which the employer may appeal. Does the employer have the right to oblige an employee of the OHS service to participate in the appeal procedure? Or maybe an employee of the health and safety at work service may, on his / her own initiative, demand participation in the proceedings before the authority of the second instance? 
    • The level of OHS training and professional adaptation - the task of OHS service employees (9)
      Admitting employees to work should be preceded by ensuring proper OHS training - conducted at an appropriate level, in accordance with the training program. It is also important to adapt the newly hired employees to the employer. Both the process of OSH training and professional adaptation of employees should be conducted with the participation of the OSH service. Participation does not, of course, mean entrusting the employees of the OHS service with the exclusive performance of tasks.
  • Employer Responsibilities
    • Should the employee be provided with specialized footwear (14)
      Only an occupational medicine doctor can give an answer. The employee should be referred for a medical examination to make sure whether he can continue to work, e.g. a janitor. Since he uses orthopedic insoles, he must suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system or the spine.
  • The subject of the issue
    • Employment of a young person for vocational training or light work (12)
      The Labor Code regulates in a special way the issues related to the employment of employees under 18 years of age. Separate regulations concerning adolescents result from the necessity to provide adequate care for underage workers and enable them to combine work with continuing education. What the employer must remember when hiring juvenile workers.
  • Accidents at work
    • Accident analysis - a serious accident while cutting a door leaf (15)
      The article presents an analysis of an accident at work that occurred during renovation works of an apartment in a tenement house. What exactly happened and what were the causes of the accident in the opinion of the labor inspector?
  • Working conditions
    • The newly elected SIP and employee preventive examinations (16)
      Institutional supervision over working conditions exercised by the National Labor Inspectorate in many cases turns out to be symbolic and insufficient. In workplaces with trade unions, it is possible to establish a social labor inspection. Therefore, the question is whether the newly elected social labor inspector should be referred by the employer for preventive medical examinations in connection with the extension of the scope of duties?
  • Safety training
    • Doubts regarding OSH training (GDPR) (18)
      Among practitioners acting in accordance with the principle of minimizing the processed personal data, there are still doubts as to whether individual personal data of employees should be processed at all, and if so, who can access and process them (acquire, put in documentation). Many doubts arose when organizing training in the field of health and safety.
  • Questions & Answers
    • When the employer is liable for the damage (20)
      The employer may be liable for damage to vehicles in the closed car park of which he owns or operates under a storage agreement.
    • Whether the power cables should be inspected (20)
      In the current legal status, there are no precise provisions regarding the time of operational testing of electrical devices, including disconnectable cables supplying electricity consumers.
    • When to impose an order penalty (21)
      If it is strictly forbidden to bring certain items in certain premises of the workplace, its bringing in violates the accepted order in the work process and may constitute a reason for punishing the employee with a reprimand or reprimand.
  • COVID-19 and OHS
    • How to avoid the most common pitfalls in hybrid work (22)
      It seems that hybrid work will stay with us forever. It is a kind of flexible form of work where employees do some of their work remotely and some in the office. It has many benefits and options, but also has some pitfalls. The material describes the most common problems of hybrid work and how to avoid them.
  • Health and safety instructions
    • Safety instructions for the operation of the circular saw for wood (23)
  • OHS training - experts answer
    • What training for an employee performing OHS service tasks (24)

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