Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2021/186

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    • The labor inspection wants even more powers (3)
      National Labor Inspectorate is preparing draft amendments to the Act on the National Labor Inspectorate. The amendment concerns, inter alia, the functioning and control powers of the National Labor Inspectorate, transforming civil contracts into employment contracts, training of young people for particularly dangerous work. The project also includes revolutionary solutions for the construction industry.
    • New provisions on the health and safety of firefighters (4)
      new ordinance on the health and safety of firefighters of the State Fire Service has entered into force. It is to replace the existing ones, the solutions of which do not correspond either legally or organizationally to the current realities and requirements of health and safety at work. Its aim is also to systematize and organize procedural solutions in the field of health and safety of the service to the needs that arise in this area.
    • Failure to vaccinate against COVID - consequences for the employee, employer's rights (5)
      have already written about the government's plans to introduce additional rights for employers employing unvaccinated workers. Various solutions were analyzed - from the right to ask an employee for vaccination, through the transfer of the unvaccinated person to another job, to the possibility of dismissal of unvaccinated people. The latter solution is unlikely to be considered anymore. However, a new idea appeared in the draft of changes to the anti-crisis shield: the right to send an employee for failure to vaccinate for a compulsory unpaid leave.
    • 73% of accidents while working remotely turned out to be fatal (6)
      Miners are the most vulnerable to accidents at work. On the other hand, accidents of remote workers occur much less frequently, although most often they have tragic consequences. Out of 15 recorded accidents, 11 turned out to be fatal. Experts of the life insurance comparison website rankomat.pl analyzed accidents at work based on the data of the Central Statistical Office and the National Labor Inspectorate.
  • Recipes with a comment
    • When the driver will be on a business trip (7)
      Business trips are usually more burdensome for employees than regular stationary work. Therefore, the provisions of the labor law grant employees the right to additional compensation for a business trip. However, not every mobility case will qualify as a business trip. This will be the case, for example, in the case of drivers. Does this mean that the driver cannot receive any compensation for the trip?
  • OHS training - Experts answer
    • What training for the chief accountant (9)
      Completion of the periodic OSH training for employers and other people managing employees by the chief accountant and economic director completes the obligation of training in occupational health and safety for these people. They are not subject to training for the administration and office or workers groups.
  • The subject of the issue
    • Preparation of internal procedures for the implementation of the provisions on whistleblowers (10)
      In the pages of "News on health and safety" we have repeatedly informed about the directive on the protection of whistleblowers. This time, the stages of the implementation of the infringement reporting system that the employer should go through in order to fulfill the new obligations resulting from the directive were discussed.
  • Accidents at work
    • Accident analysis - a serious accident during the installation of an electric cable (13)
      The article presents an analysis of an accident at work that occurred during the installation of an electric cable with the use of a ladder. What exactly happened and what were the causes of the accident in the opinion of the labor inspector?
    • Exceeding the deadline for drawing up a second accident report (14)
      It is standard to draw up one accident report when the event is considered an accident at work. However, if there were objections to the protocol or it does not meet the conditions specified in the regulation, it becomes necessary to draw up a new protocol, no later than within 5 days. What if this deadline is violated?
  • Safety training
    • Provision of OSH training after a long absence from work (16)
      Occupational health and safety training has a specific frequency, which is stipulated in the OSH training regulation. in practice, doubts may arise as to the obligation to provide employees with the required training after a long absence from work caused by circumstances classified as the presence of the justified.
  • Working conditions
    • Fire safety - inspection of fire detectors (18)
      The issues of fire safety are mainly discussed as part of health and safety training. Framework training programs for all categories of employees include fire protection issues. The lecture on this subject should be planned according to the hazards occurring at the workplace. It is worth having a fire protection specialist run it. knowing the specificity and profile of the company's activity. The article presents fire detectors and their purpose. It also indicates where they can be installed and describes the rules for avoiding false alarms. This is information that will surely interest employees during OSH training.
  • Health and safety service
    • Collaboration in measuring the condition of the natural environment - 18 task of the health and safety service (22)
      The health and safety service cooperates not only with the doctor who provides preventive health care for employees, social labor inspection or trade unions operating in the workplace. Individual provisions regulating the scope of tasks impose an obligation on the OHS service to cooperate with external entities. Such an example is the obligation to cooperate with laboratories and other units dealing with the measurement of the state of the natural environment, operating within the state environmental monitoring system.
  • Questions & Answers
    • What distance to the battery charging stations in industrial trucks (24)
      current regulations on the use of electric motorized trucks do not apply to the conditions that must be met by parking places or battery charging stations in trucks, including the distance of the charging point from other stands , places of work.

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