Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2022/197

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    • New model of a statistical accident card (3)
      The Ministry of Labor has prepared a draft of a new regulation on a statistical accident card at work. In addition to the new model of the statistical accident sheet, the new provisions are intended to facilitate the filling in of the statistical sheet and the processing of this data at the European level. When will the new rules come into force?
    • The final version of the draft provisions on remote work (4)
      For another year, work is underway on the amendment to the Labor Code, which provides for permanent inclusion in the act of remote work. The final draft of the regulations on remote work was in the governmental arrangements in May. The article describes the latest assumptions of the latest draft law introducing remote work after the epidemic.
    • It will be more difficult to employ Ukrainian drivers (7)
      The Parliament is working on an amendment to the law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with an armed conflict in the territory of that country. The provisions of this amendment provide for the obligatory entry of the employee's working hours and remuneration in the notification of the intention to employ. This will be quite problematic for transport companies.
    • From January 2023, the minimum salary will be PLN 3,383 gross (7)
  • Recipes with a comment
    • New diet in a domestic business trip based on examples (8)
      The daily allowance for a domestic business trip is to increase from PLN 30 to PLN 38. If the changes come into force, other charges based on the amount of the diet will also increase. The article presents examples of how much the per diems and accommodation lump sums will amount to after changing the regulations.
  • Questions and Answers
    • Whether to conduct an accident investigation in the event of a student accident (10)
      If the contractor is not subject to pension and disability pension contributions, he is therefore not subject to accident insurance. For this reason, a student under the age of 26, employed under a mandate contract, is not covered by accident protection on the way to or from work and is not entitled to any benefits from the accident insurance funds. In this case, no accident card is drawn up on the way to or from work (there was no accident insurance).
    • Can a quality and safety engineer be an employee of the OHS service? (10)
      A person who graduated from engineering studies with a major or specialization in occupational health and safety has qualifications to hold the position of a senior health and safety inspector.
    • How to organize maintenance work on a written request (12)
      When organizing maintenance work on a written request, the positions of the principal, coordinator, authorizing officer and team leader should be specified. Functions may be combined with each other, provided that no more than two functions are combined simultaneously and the functions of the authorizing and managing the team are not combined, with the exception of the live work technology.
  • The subject of the issue
    • The method of brainstorming during OSH training (13)
      The methods of conducting OSH training are very different. It is often a static lecture or a talk about the principles of health and safety at work. it may also be the active participation of participants in the training and discussing hazards at workplaces on the basis of examples of accidents that actually took place in a given plant. But not only ... The method of brainstorming can be used practically everywhere, where you need to improve something or come up with something new. Provides a relaxed environment in which everyone is encouraged to speak. Even the most bizarre ideas are welcome, and each participant can comment without fear of a negative reaction from the others.
  • Health and safety service
    • Removal of a hazardous employee from work - 7. authorization of the health and safety at work service (17)
      The primary employee obligation is to perform work of the appropriate quality while respecting the principles of health and safety at work. If the employee's behavior causes a direct threat to his own or other people's life or health, the reaction of the employee of the occupational health and safety service is essential. Although the provisions refer to the structure of the entitlement, it will be more correct to assume that immediate removal from work is a legal obligation of the health and safety service than a discretionary entitlement.
  • Accidents at work
    • Consequences of an accident during a team-building event (19)
      The correct classification of accidents that occurred during work or business trips usually does not cause major disputes. However, accidents that occur during recreational events, integration or training trips are no longer so easy to classify. The concept of an integration event or integration trip is not known to labor law. The article presents a specific example of how to qualify accidents during such trips.
  • Health and safety training - experts answer
    • Should temporary workers be trained (20)
      Initial training (general and job-related training) should be conducted for an employee who was previously employed by an employment agency and changed employment by signing a contract with a new employer.
    • What language to train Ukrainians in (21)
      General and job training (including documentation) should be understandable for the trainee. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare documents in Ukrainian or to translate them. However, it is difficult to expect that a labor inspector controlling a given entity entrusting work to Ukrainian citizens will analyze documentation in a foreign language. It is therefore recommended to prepare the documentation in two languages.
    • When to conduct a remote examination (21)
      Periodic training in the field of occupational health and safety with the use of the Internet may be provided only for selected professional groups. Completion of the training in question must take the form of a stationary exam before the committee appointed by the training organizer.
  • Working conditions
    • Drinking water, or what kind of water (22)
      It is the responsibility of every employer to provide their employees with safe drinking water. However, the concept of "drinking water" is very broad and, unfortunately, not defined in terms of technical safety at work regulations. What possibilities does the employer have in this regard? Can workers have specific expectations about the composition of the water?
  • Health and safety instructions
    • OHS manual for the operation of the plate compactor (23-24)

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