Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2022/201 (09-10)

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    • Changes in educational regulations from the new school year (3)
      What education regulations have been in force since September 1? This question is not an easy one, because there are many changed or newly introduced regulations. The main changes relate to the professional promotion of teachers or new solutions in the field of distance learning. But there are also new solutions related to educating students from Ukraine. Check the details.
    • Controls of the State Labor Inspectorate: Low safety level on small construction sites (4)
      The level of work safety on small construction sites is insufficient and significantly differs from the acceptable level observed on most large construction sites. These are the conclusions of the June control activities on "small construction sites" (ie up to 20 people working at the same time), which were carried out by the labor inspection. What irregularities did labor inspectors discover?
  • Questions and Answers
    • Does the operator of lifting equipment have to have psycho-technical tests (6)
      The current regulations on preventive medical examinations of occupational medicine do not introduce the obligation to refer operators of forklift trucks with a mechanical lifting drive to psycho-technical examinations. Operators of lift trucks with mechanical lifting drive always have psycho-technical examinations.
    • How much space is there for one child in the kindergarten classroom (7)
      There are no regulations specifying the room size limit for one child in a non-public kindergarten. The premises must meet the appropriate conditions.
    • Should you use protective masks with low levels of formalin (8)
      There is no need to use masks when the formalin concentration is low. The result indicates the effectiveness of ventilation or a short exposure time. Formalin is a carcinogen - special care should be taken and protective gloves should be used.
    • Should you refer you for checkups after a health leave (8)
      There is no obligation to refer to medical check-ups after a health leave.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment and employment based on civil law contracts (9)
      The risk related to the work performed is not reserved exclusively for the employee formula of employment. Thus, it should be assumed that the issue of professional risk assessment is also the most up-to-date in the case of employment based on civil law contracts.
  • Number of the issue
    • What should be made to remote job applications (11)
      Remote work as it was not in the Labor Code, there is no more. The government has been working on changes in regulations in this area for over a year. Will the remote work finally replace teleworking? According to the information we obtained, this should take place by the end of this year. Remote work will be able to be carried out from the moment the employment relationship was established or later - at the employee's request. In some cases, such a conclusion will be binding on the pre-Catanist. Therefore, it is worth learning how to regulate this form of work. Especially that the proposed regulations in this area will not change more.
  • OHS training - experts answer
    • Whether to keep a register of initial training (14)
      Pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of Economy and Labor on training in the field of occupational health and safety, there is no obligation to keep a register of issued assignments that would confirm the conduct of initial training. Confirmation of conducting initial training and participation in it is a properly completed training card, not a certificate.
    • Can health and safety technician conduct periodic training (14)
      Answering, yes, periodic training for employees in workers' positions organized by the employer, may be conducted on the basis of a mandate contract by a person with qualifications described in the question.
    • Can an employee work for several days without periodic training (15)
      In the event that the validity of previous OHS training expired (in conditions without an epidemic or epidemic threat), then the work and work should first ensure periodic training. However, taking into account the fact that this training does not have such an important character as initial health and safety training, the employer may "turn" and allow the employee to work for a few days.
    • Can I conduct OHS periodic training in my company (16)
      If the employer decides to be the organizer of training in the field of health and safety for his own employees, he can organize them excluding training for himself and employees of the OSH service. A health and safety specialist employed at a given employer may conduct periodic training (if the organizer of the training is an employer) for his own employers, excluding the training of the employer and the health and safety service. It is worth emphasizing, however, that this task does not belong to the tasks of the OSH service and cannot be assigned to the act of the health and safety service of the OHS service as part of permanent employment.
    • For whom self -education (17)
      The training regulation allows the form of self -education for periodic training of all employee groups, except for employees employed in workers' positions.
    • Does the teacher have a few full -time job training in every school (17)
      If the teacher underwent a periodic training for the same workplace in the previous workplace, and in the new workplace has the same workplace, the scope of objects, then you do not need to carry out periodic training.
  • Accidents at work
    • Can an accident that is difficult to confirm can be an accident at work (18)
      The employee suffered an accident he informed only after a week. Having only his and his witness to this event, can it be considered that he was a relationship with work? Thus to consider an accident as an accident at work? On the contrary-there will be no one to recognize this event as an accident at work?
  • Social Labor Inspectorate (SIP)
    • Control of compliance with labor law - the widest authorization of SIP (20)
      Contrary to the fairly common opinion, in this attitude of some social labor inspectors, the Social Labor Inspectorate is not only from such elementary and bargain controls as the allocation of work and protective clothing or OHS paste. The social in-service work is appropriate to control not only provisions in the field of technical safety, but also regulations in the field of legal work protection. We are talking here about the provisions of generally applicable laws, executive regulations, but also about the company labor law. What exactly can the Social Labor Inspector do as part of the entitlement?
  • Working conditions
    • Employment of Ukrainian citizens - tax obligations and health and safety (22)
      According to the latest data of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, over 770 thousand. Ukrainian citizens have started legal work in Poland, of which 390,000 Based on the new procedure that facilitates employment. Representatives of the consulting company and the CMS office during a recent meeting with companies employing Ukrainian citizens indicated key challenges of employers in areas related to tax obligations and the safety of the organization in the process of employing foreigners.
  • OHS manual
    • OHS manual for core drilling (23)

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