Aktualności Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection News) 2020/04 (171)


  • Subject of the issue - Exemption from registration in BDO
    The obligation to register at BDO is not for all waste producers. The list of waste types and amounts for which there is no obligation to keep records has been expanded. Check if the exemption also covers you.
  • Waste transport in accordance with the law
    Pursuant to the Regulation on specific requirements for the transport of waste, hazardous waste may be transported simultaneously with non-hazardous waste in a manner that prevents contact. In the event of incorrect transport of waste, you may receive a fine of PLN 1 million!
  • Should a new installation be reported to VIEP
    We plan to purchase a new device. The installation will not have the emitter led outside, and the entire dedusting system will be inside the hall (purified air will return to it). Does such an installation require a change in the permit to release gases and dust into the air? Should it be reported to the voivodship inspectorate for environmental protection before commissioning?
  • Warning! The Waste Act has changed
    On January 31, 2020, the amendment to the Waste Act entered into force. The amendment introduces many significant changes. Check if they also apply to you.
  • For example, a completed waste transfer card
  • Is the hospital an installation?
    I have a question about a topic related to environmental protection, namely: is the hospital an installation?
  • Reusing cartons - is lawful
    Can the cartons that I receive with the package from company X be used for packing our products?
  • Waste Card: 19 04 01
  • How to label chemicals correctly
    From June 1, 2017, chemicals placed on the market must be labeled in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP). The CLP Regulation is currently the only legislative act regulating issues related to the classification and labeling of both substances and mixtures

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