Aktualności Ochrony Środowiska(Environmental Protection News) 2020/10

  • Subject of the issue: Manage kitchen and post-consumer waste in accordance with the law
    Kitchen waste is classified as bio-waste. Bio-waste is a broader concept than green waste, because in addition to green waste, this concept includes food and kitchen waste from households, catering establishments, collective catering establishments, retail trade units, as well as comparable waste from plants producing or placing food on the market.
  • How to calculate the sum insured under the new rules?
    In the draft ordinance of the Minister of Climate on the method of calculating the amount of the guarantee sum, the formula for calculating the guarantee amount does not differ from the one used so far. However, it has modified the method of determining the cost of neutralizing or recovering waste. Check what else has changed.
  • The act on investments in the field of counteracting the effects of drought is drafted
    The new act will introduce changes to the Water Law concerning, inter alia, reducing the threshold of the area from which the fee for the loss of natural land retention is calculated, as well as increasing the share of this fee in the revenues of communes with the condition of allocating part of these revenues to the development of retention. Details can be found below.
  • The government has prepared a draft regulation on the calculation of the energy intensity ratio
    The ordinance constitutes an executive act to the act of February 20, 2015 - on renewable energy sources (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 261) and regulates the method of calculating the intensity of electricity consumption for the purposes of qualifying a recipient as an industrial recipient.
  • Gas emission permit for mobile extraction
    Should a company that uses a mobile fan to extract compounds from the decomposition of polyoxymethylene (formaldehyde) obtain a permit to introduce gases or dust into the air? It should be mentioned that the above-mentioned the fan is used sporadically, only in the case of technological changes / tests (when the temperature rises and the material begins to decompose), and in the normal production cycle there is no need to use the above-mentioned fan (no formaldehyde emission). If a permit is required, how to classify this type of emitter: spot? How to determine its location (the same fan is used in different stations, depending on the needs)?
  • Several waste transporters - how to fill in the BDO
    Question: What to do if there are several entities transporting waste in BDO? Container taken over by various carriers, e.g. road transport from the production point to the container terminal, then rail transport?
  • I want to legalize a water device - what should I pay attention to?
    Question: We are operating a water facility without the required permit. Please let me know who can submit a legalization application? What requirements must the location of such a device meet?
  • Waste report in BDO - how to fill in
    Question: I would like to start doing a waste report for 2019 in the BDO system. And there, one of the sections in the Reports on generated waste and waste management tab is Waste electrical and electronic equipment. Do I have to fill in something there, or only in section XI I mention 16 02 14 as one of the codes of generated waste, and enter the weight and that's it? We manufacture components for the automotive industry, but we also generate waste in the form of used electrical equipment and pass it on.
  • 4 Trade Item Responsibilities
    Question: I run a commercial unit selling automotive parts, incl. batteries. I only buy goods in the country. I pick up old batteries when selling new ones (required by the law). In the company, I pack the goods in bags when selling, therefore I have registered with BDO and I pay the recycling fee. I also submitted the first report for 2019 on plastic bags. In the company, I also have boxes of goods, which are collected by the company in accordance with the contract concluded with it. I do not exceed the annual amount of 5 tons obliging to keep a record of waste. I only issue a waste transfer card when collecting cardboard boxes and a waste transfer card when selling old batteries collected from customers to a company that has a waste collection permit (I also have an agreement with this company). I wanted to ask if I am managing waste correctly in my company and if I should also submit reports as a waste producer in section XII of the BDO. I know that I do not need to register with BDO, if I am not obliged to keep records, but issuing KPO itself is simplified records. Should I submit these reports in this regard? Or maybe I should not issue waste transfer cards? I am a bit confused about this. I am asking for help and solution of doubts.

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