Aktualności Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection News) 2021/187

  • Subject of the issue: Accounting for air emissions from hand sanitizers
    In 2020, the Ministry of Climate sent letters to the Marshal's Offices, according to which these offices should verify the reports on environmental fees submitted by entrepreneurs for 2020 in terms of the content of air emissions from the hand and surface disinfection agents used.
  • Central Register of Emissivity of Buildings - to whom it concerns and when it will be built
    On November 13, 2020, the President signed another amendment to the Act of November 21, 2008 on supporting thermo-modernization and renovations and on the central register of emissivity. In the text, you will find information on how the system will work, whether it also applies to entrepreneurs and what obligations will have to be met in connection with its creation.
  • The new regulation will help to standardize EMF measurements
    A draft of the ordinance of the minister of climate and environment was drafted concerning the requirements for the results of measurements of electromagnetic fields levels in the environment. The purpose of the regulation is to ensure the transmission of standardized data on electromagnetic field levels (hereinafter: EMF) from measurements or tests carried out by operators of the installation and users of devices emitting electromagnetic fields.
  • When you do not need a water permit
    The provisions of the Water Law require that the entity using the water has a water permit. But it is not a rule at all and there is a whole catalog of situations in which we can use certain waters, for specific purposes, without any permits.
  • Classification of chemicals to NMVOC
    If pure ethyl acetate was purchased, should I also list it on the type and amount of emissions of gases or dusts released into the air and charge a fee? If so, please help me convert liters to kg, because I'm not sure what density should I take? If so, please help me convert liters to kg as I am not sure what density I should use. I have used 660 liters. As for the later calculation of the fee, should the weight content be 100% by weight? In addition, please help me classify the following substances as NMVOC : chloroalkanes (CAS number 85535-85-9), titanium oxide (CAS number 13463-67- 7), calcium carbonate (CAS No. 471-34-1), tetramethylene Dimethacrylate (CAS # 2082-81-7), diethanol p- toluidine (EC number 911-490-9, reg. no 01-2119979579-10) , C12-15 ethoxylated propoxylated alcohol (CAS No 68551-13-3), 2,2 '- [(4-methylphenyl) imi -no] bisethanol (CAS No 3077-12-1), C18 uns fatty acids . dimetric reaction products with N, N-dimethyl-1,3-propane-diamine (CAS No 162627-17-0).
  • What we count as generated waste
    Question: We introduce packaging to the market (we account for the introduction of packaging to the market), but do we include these packaging as our produced waste (it is packaging that we do not reuse)? If we sell WDT (intra-community delivery of goods) and ship the goods in packaging, is the packaging our generated waste? From WNT invoices, the packaging in which the goods come to us is our waste, which we accept? If domestic goods come to us in packaging, is the packaging our manufactured or accepted waste? If we ship the goods in packaging to the territory of the country, is the packaging our waste produced? It is about waste such as: paper, plastic, wood-pallets, boxes (the latter are often reused).
  • Application sent to BDO without power of attorney - whether to submit a correction
    Question: We have submitted update requests and reports in the BDO system and have not attached any powers of attorney or power of attorney fees. Should I submit a correction and send the report and applications again with the letters attached, or is it possible to send the powers of attorney only?
  • Paper bags - do you need to pay for them?
    Question: Are large plastic-coated paper bags with cord handles classified as plastic bags and do we have to keep records and reports for them? Are the bags we introduce our waste?
  • Incorrectly reported company in BDO - is it possible to update?
    Question: One of our companies was mistakenly reported to BDO as introducing goods in a package (the person introducing them was wrong). We have been assigned a number in BDO and we would not like to delete the company from the BDO register itself, at the same time we intend to correct the error. An update application does not settle the matter, as it cannot be sent if one of the tables in the BDO is not filled in. At the moment, the company does not have to keep records of waste (but it may have to do so soon), it does not introduce anything to the market of products, it does not settle accounts for plastic bags. Is it possible to somehow correct the error without removing the company from the BDO register?
  • Legal changes
    • Waste or by-product?
      Question: Does Council Regulation (EU) No 333/2011 of 31 March 2011 establishing criteria determining when certain types of scrap cease to be waste under Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council also apply to titanium chip scrap? The entity receives the material for processing from its client, who is also the owner of the above-mentioned material. After processing, the material is sent back to the customer, but in the form of chips. In this case, is this material still a waste as defined in the Waste Act? The more that the organization does not intend to get rid of this material, because it is the property of the client all the time.

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