Aktualności Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection News) 2021/190

  • Subject of the issue: Electronic notification of intervention - a new tool of CIEP
    On the website www.gios.gov.pl, it is possible to notify intervention control. In the end, the environmental protection authority listened to the demands of society and decided to move with the times.
  • However, the provisions of the ROP from January 2023?
    After a long wait, the draft act amending the act on the management of packaging and packaging waste and certain other acts, which provides for the implementation of extended producer responsibility in Poland, was included in the work list of the Council of Ministers. Works on the project are scheduled for the third or fourth quarter of this year, which means that the final regulations will not enter into force on January 1, 2022, as previously assumed.
  • How VIEP works during a pandemic
    Each VIEP on its website published information on work during the COVID-19 epidemic. These arrangements depend individually on the stewards. And yes, some offices function quite normally, i.e. they accept applicants in accordance with the principles of protection against COVID-19, while others focused on field work . During the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of the Provincial Inspectorate of Environmental Protection in the field of planned and investment inspections has not changed. and emergency. Changes occurred only in the case of some rules of functioning and accepting applicants in offices.
  • Domestic wastewater - can it be drained within the plant
    Can industrial wastewater containing municipal (household) wastewater from the plant after treatment be drained through the green areas of the plant? Do I need a permit or some kind of water-legal consent? Is there any fee for such treated sewage infiltration?
  • Disputed issue regarding confirmation of transport in BDO
    Pursuant to Art. 69 sec. 1a of the Act on waste, the driver of the vehicle that transports waste, during transport, is required to have a confirmation generated from the Database on Products and Packaging and Waste Management (BDO), enabling the information contained in the waste transfer card (KPO) to be verified with the actual state. However, there are different interpretations as to whether such confirmation may be presented during the inspection in an electronic form (e.g. on a computer or tablet).
  • How to obtain an integrated permit - practical guidelines
    An application for an integrated permit must meet the requirements of a number of articles of the Environmental Protection Act, the Waste Act, and the Water Law Act. If the documentation does not meet the legal requirements, the investor will be summoned by the authority responsible for its completion, and the entire permit issuance procedure will be significantly extended.
  • Is it possible to check what entry in the BDO is made by another company?
    I can only find waste codes in the Base, I cannot find a specific quantity.
  • 5 questions to the regulation on the storage of waste
    In the article you will find 5 questions and answers asked by our regular reader to the regulation of the Minister of Climate of September 11, 2020. on detailed requirements for the storage of waste (hereinafter: the regulation). Be sure to read!
  • From July 3 new disposable product labeling
    consumers often throw away disposable products from plastic in the wrong way. Therefore, the requirement to label the packaging of these products has been introduced. Consumers will learn from the new labels that the product contains plastics.
  • Legal changes

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