Aktualności Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection News) 2021/191

  • Subject of the issue: Environmental fees - legal liability
    Anyone who carries out activities that have an impact on the environment (that is, uses the environment) reports and pays the relevant fees annually. What are the consequences of non-compliance with the listing or the payment of these fees?
  • PLN 2.5 billion under the "New Energy" program
    Until September 15 this year. applications for co-financing the implementation of innovations in the area of plus-energy buildings under the "New Energy" program by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management can be submitted. Research and development projects at the stage of their commercialization are to be supported.
  • Noise in the environment - the government is preparing legal changes
    The Senate received for opinion a draft act amending the act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities, the act - Environmental Protection Law and the act on waste, which includes the subject of noise in the natural environment emitted by entities using the environment. What does it assume?
  • Negative opinion of VIEP and obtaining a permit - is it possible So far, it was possible
    to refuse to issue a permit for collection and / or processing of waste, if the voivodship environmental protection inspector issued a negative opinion after the inspection of the installation. Find out what has changed!
  • Calendar
    Obligations of the entrepreneur from October 1 to October 31, 2021.
  • Logging into the visual inspection system - is it possible by the VIEP
    Entrepreneurs storing waste must provide the voivodship inspector of environmental protection with access to the visual inspection system for waste storage sites in real time. VIEP cannot log in there whenever they want. So when is it possible?
  • Does the shipper of waste have to have a permit?
    Question: The company is entered in the Waste Database (BDO) as transporting non-hazardous waste, especially waste with the code 15 01 01 (90%) approx. 10 tons per month. Do I have to obtain a separate permit for the transport of said waste, or is an entry in the BDO sufficient?
  • Problems with the multitude of fees for issuing a water permit
    Question: I would like to ask you to raise in your journal the issue of charging fees by Polish Waters for issuing a water permit for the use of outlets covering the same type of water use. Polish Waters misinterpret the law and do not respect court judgments. In the event of failure to pay the multiple of the fee, the application for a permit is rejected. This is also the case in our case.
  • What to do when we have exceeded the limit in the decision
    Question: We have a permit to generate and process waste. As a result of the operation of the installation, code 12 01 03 is generated from turning and sawing non-ferrous metals (code included in the decision). Probably this year we will significantly exceed the amount of this waste. It is possible that we will also exceed the amounts of waste processed. What should we do in such a situation? 
  • Waste records in BDO - how often. Question: How often
    should records be kept in the BDO system?
  • Legal changes

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