• Subject of the issue: Polish order and environmental protection
    The new Polish order is a development strategy announced by the state authorities, which will cover many areas of life. Among them are also changes supporting the protection of the natural environment. These will include "green" investments and programs that support citizens. The main goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the quality of the environment in Poland. You can read the most important assumptions of the Polish Deal in the text!
  • Waste or by-product
    Question: The technological process of metal grinding produces waste with the code 12 01 17. This waste contains almost all metal and coolant, which we will want to completely separate from this waste in the future. After the coolant has been separated and dried, the waste will be briquetted and sent for recovery to a company with appropriate permits. The resulting coolant will be filtered and reused in the process. The entire process of separation, drying and briquetting is to be performed outside the installation in which this waste was produced. Will we be required to change the permit for waste generation? Will we be required to have a waste treatment decision if the final waste code 12 01 17 does not change or if it changes to 12 01 02?
  • From 2022, new increased rates for sewage will apply
    On October 26, 2021, on the website of the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland, Monitor Polski, the announcement of the Minister of Infrastructure of September 29, 2021 on the amount of the increased fee rates applicable from January 1, 2022 (M. P. 2021 item 974). What will it introduce?
  • Entrepreneur's obligations in February 2022
  • When you need to do the annual VOC balance sheet
    Pursuant to Art. 7 sec. 1 of the Act on the management system of emissions of greenhouse gases and other substances, the entity using the environment, the activity of which causes emissions, enters the National Database with the information contained in the report concerning, inter alia, mintage. In the case of an installation, the entity obliged to prepare and submit the report is the operator of the installation. If during the year the installation is taken over by another entity, then the obligation to introduce the report becomes its obligation.
  • Waste code for chimney blocks
    Question: What waste code should be given to chimney blocks from the production process? These are hollow bricks that are cracked in the process of their production.
  • Do we have to measure emissions to air
    Question: The company has a permit to emit dust and gases into the air. The permit was issued at the beginning of 2015. It covers VOC (several substances) emissions from the paint shop, grinding dust and dust from loading silos. The thermal power of the installed heating devices in the company does not exceed 1 MW. The decision did not oblige the company to conduct emission measurements. How to refer to the Regulation on emission measurements in such a situation, Journal of Laws No. of 2021, item 1710, in particular par. 6 point 1, par. 7 points 3-5 (the company is not obliged to meet the emission standards due to the amount of paints and varnishes (VOC) used)? How to understand par. 14 of this regulation (Companies that have not carried out emission measurements so far do not have to do it, but only until the end of the year)?
  • Which entity should be accountable for using the environment
    Question 1: Who pays the fees for using the environment and who is to report to KO-BiZE in the case of running one installation by many entities (a dust and gas permit for one owner of the installation)? Is the entire report reported by "an entity entitled under a specific legal title to control the installation", and the issue of settlement, inter alia, environmental costs between entities should (may be) included, for example, in an agreement specifying? Who is the main operator and who is the owner of the installation? What are the principles of cooperation between individual entities?

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