• Subject of the issue: These changes to the waste regulations have been in force since 2022
    Many changes to the waste regulations were introduced last year, some of them having a deferred validity date on January 1, 2022. In addition, at the turn of the year, the government adopted an amendment to the act on waste. What legal changes have been made?
  • Subsidies for charging points and electric vehicles
    From January 2022, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management launched subsidies, including for electric vehicle charging stations. Who can obtain the funds and for what exactly?
  • The SENT system changes its scope
    The amendment to the regulation on the monitoring system for the road and rail transport of goods and the circulation of heating fuels results from the need to include the monitoring system of goods falling under CN heading 3814, containing at least 70% by weight of crude oil, other than goods covered by this heading containing ethyl alcohol . In addition, the legislator will include the SENT system for the transport of waste to be imported into the country and transported through the territory of the country.
  • You need to know the answers to this question about KOBiZE
    The article presents answers to frequently asked questions about completing the report in KOBiZE. Remember that you don't have much time to submit it - the deadline is February 28.
  • Report to BDS - remember that you must submit it by the end of February
    The Reporting Database (BDS) on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (f-gases) is an online reporting system for the marketing and use of these substances. It was established on the basis of Art. 41 paragraph. 1 of the Act on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and Certain Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases.
  • Principles of classifying waste from the production of clothing
    Question: We have a problem with classifying waste. We deal with sewing workwear and protective clothing. We sew from various fabrics - incl. made of flame-retardant and antistatic cotton fabric or polyester-cotton fabric. After the clothes are cut, fabric scraps are created. Do you classify them under the code 04 02 09 or 04 02 22? What to consider when choosing the right code?
  • How should metal recovery waste be accounted?
    Question: We have a permit to carry out metal recovery in the R12 process. If we have recovered pipes from accepted steel scrap that we want to sell as pipes and not scrap (R4 process), is this preparation for re-use? If I have a waste in the form of a steel-aluminum housing (code 170405 or 170407), which weighs e.g. 10 kg, how to introduce it in the BDO (e.g. after recovery I received 7 kg of steel and 3 kg of aluminum)?
  • Water law assessment - when you need to get it
    Water law assessment is a type of administrative decision introduced in the Law on Water Law of July 20, 2017. It must be obtained before the implementation of certain projects affecting the aquatic environment. Which?

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