• Subject of the issue: What is net-billing and who does it apply to
    Net-billing is a new way of billing electricity that a prosumer introduces and downloads from the network. What is it about?
  • There is already a draft deposit system in Poland
    The Ministry of Climate and Environment has submitted for consultation a draft act amending the act on the management of packaging and packaging waste and the act on waste. One of the assumptions of the project is the implementation of a deposit system in Poland.
  • Internet trade and environmental protection issues
    The scope of environmental obligations for Internet sellers depends on several factors. What kind? About it in the text.
  • Scope of the environmental impact report for poultry farms
    Projects listed in § 2 par. 1 point 51 lit. b of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of November 9, 2010 on projects that may potentially have a significant impact on the environment, i.e. animal husbandry and breeding (excluding mink) in the number of not less than 210 LU (maximum stocking density), and in § 3 sec. 1 point 104 lit. and in the number not less than 40 DJP or § 3 sec. 1 point 104 lit. b in the number of not less than 60 LU of the ordinance (depending on the location) require obtaining a decision on environmental conditions issued by a commune authority. How to get it?
  • What conditions to meet to reduce the number of containers in the commune
    On January 1, 2022, the regulations came into force, according to which the minister of climate may allow the commune to collect plastic waste, metals, multi-material packaging and glass together.
  • Basic rules for the storage of chemical substances
    Question: Apart from the information on the storage of chemical substances contained in the safety data sheet, are there any legal sources regulating it? Do we have to have a separate substance warehouse or is an appropriate wardrobe in the production hall sufficient?
  • How to understand the amount of discharged water in a variable fee
    Question: Pursuant to Art. 272 paragraph. 5 of the Water Law Act, the amount of the variable fee for discharging rainwater or snowmelt into waters included in open or closed rainwater drainage systems used to discharge precipitation within the administrative boundaries of cities is determined as the product of the unit fee rate and the amount of discharged water. What does this amount of drained water mean?
  • Waste registration rules and environmental fee
    Question: The generated waste is accepted into the warehouse several times a month. Is making entries about its production in the waste record sheet (KEO) once a month sufficient to recognize keeping records on an ongoing basis? In addition, if the boss bought the car from leasing and owns it, do I also have to account for fuel in the fee for using the environment?
  • Principles for classifying wooden waste
    Question: We are a manufacturer of punching dies - we produce plywood waste, which so far has been handed over to a disposal company under the code 03 01 05. Currently, we have found another recipient, who is not a disposal company (i.e. the recipient buys these plywood from us in in order to be reprocessed in-house). So what documents do we need to have? Can the invoices show "Odpad 03 01 05 / plywood"? For us, it is waste, but for another company it can be a valuable resource.
  • Lathe and milling machines - do they require notification?
    Question: Does the use of a manual lathe and milling machine require notification of installation? The machines will only be used for personal needs, not for production purposes.
  • Check if road construction may violate water relations
    The law does not regulate the definition of "water relations". Their human-induced change is related to the specific action of the land owner influencing the system of water resources shaped in the field. Can road construction disturb water relations?

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