• Subject of the issue: The current political situation and environmental issues in the EU
    In February, the European Union Council for Competitiveness postponed the implementation of the CSRD directive. Will environmental protection issues be relegated to the background in the current political situation, or is it quite the opposite? You can read more about it in the article below.
  • Is the Polish waste management system ready for migration challenges
    In addition to the obvious challenges resulting from the massive influx of people fleeing the war in Ukraine, the Polish municipal waste management system will also be put to the test.
  • Polish energy market in the face of new challenges
    The war in Ukraine has significantly changed the energy security situation in our country. State authorities need to take both ad hoc and long-term measures to avoid destabilization.
  • Noise emission and its impact on the plant surroundings
    What noise regulations should companies know (and comply) with that emit noise to neighboring areas? Find out in the article.
  • Principles of accounting for and reporting emissions
    Question: We have four emitters with mechanical ventilation (3 are exhaust extractors for bus diagnostics on repair channels, and 1 is exhaust for gasoline vehicles). I included exhaust emissions in the report on the operation of devices in the processes of fuel combustion in engines. KOBiZE indicates as an error that no emissions were reported in the area of these emitters. What substances are emitted and in what amount in relation to the unit amount expressed, for example, in Mg of fuel consumed? We also have emitters at petrol stations - one is in operation when motor gasoline is reloaded to underground tanks, and the other is when it is reloaded to vehicles. I have shown this emission in Table 20 - motor gasoline reloading. What substances are emitted and in what quantity for this transhipment?
  • Modernization of the installation and BAT conclusions
    A new set of devices and a significant modernization of a set of devices are some of the definitions included in the BAT conclusions. How should they be understood? What are the consequences for the operator of the installation and the issuing administrative decisions? You will find the answers to these questions in the article.
  • Food waste - you need to remember about these responsibilities
    Question: We run a large commercial establishment, how should we reduce the amount of unsold goods that are thrown away? What are we to do in terms of reducing food waste?
  • Formalities related to the transport of waste from Ukraine
    Question: Entity A operating in Poland transfers the goods to entity B in Ukraine. Entity B performs the service on the entrusted goods and returns the remaining waste from the goods to company A, but the waste does not return to company A, but goes directly to the recovery installation in Poland - entity C. What should a properly completed Annex VII look like, and what follows? goes - records in BDO?
  • New rules for determining recycling levels
    From January 1, 2022, the provisions of the Regulation on the detailed conditions for classifying the weight of packaging waste as recycled apply. What has changed in relation to the previously applicable regulations?
  • Waste management by municipalities since 2022
    In the second half of 2021, two amendments to the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities (hereinafter: ucpg) appeared. What have they changed?
  • Water law and fertilizer application rules
    What should you remember when storing and applying natural fertilizers? Which laws regulate these issues? How to safely apply fertilizers near water bodies? You will learn the answers to all these questions by reading the following article.

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