• Subject of the issue: You have until the end of June to submit the CEEB declaration
    The manager of the building or premises should submit a declaration on heat sources or fuel combustion sources to the head of the municipality, mayor or city president. Check when and how to submit such a declaration and how to complete it.
  • What has changed with regard to the preparation of environmental impact assessment reports (EIA)
    On April 23, 2022, the regulation on the format of the document containing the results of the environmental inventory and the format of the environmental impact report entered into force. It affects entities that deal with the development of the so-called environmental impact assessment reports (EIA). What changed?
  • Prohibition of coal imports from Russia and more goods in SENT
    A new draft regulation has appeared, according to which the SENT road and rail freight monitoring system will cover another group of goods, including: coal, coke and briquettes. The change in regulations is related to the ban on importing coal from Russia.
  • Amendments to the Energy Law - implementation of the hydrogen economy
    The Ministry of Climate and Environment has started work to implement the Polish branch of the hydrogen economy. A draft act was drafted to amend the Energy Law and certain other acts.
  • Wind energy in Poland - prospects and changes
    The use of wind energy is one of the opportunities to achieve the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal. Its main goal is to achieve climate neutrality (zero carbon dioxide emissions, i.e. in practice the elimination of fossil fuels from the energy production process) by 2050. It is therefore necessary to transform the economy into renewable energy, i.e. renewable energy sources, the importance of which will systematically grow in the Polish balance sheet energy.
  • Rules for completing the report on packaging
    Question: I work in a company that produces and sells packaging machines for domestic and foreign customers. The company has no contracts for recycling, recovery, etc. In the report on products and packaging, we fill in Table 5.1 for products placed on the domestic market. What about products in packages that have been exported abroad? Do you enter the data in table 3 (information on packages exported abroad)?
  • Obligations of the entrepreneur in July 2022 - Emission standards and reporting installations
    Question: We have an installation for coating plastic products, which is included in Annex 9 of the Regulation on emission standards. The installation uses water-based paints and two organic solvents. The total production capacity requires less than 5 Mg of VOC consumption for a given process, so it does not meet all the conditions of §31 of the above-mentioned regulation. Does the installation require a permit? I would like to add that the emission of all pollutants emitted by the plant (including the installation in question) did not exceed 10% of the reference / permissible value for each pollutant.
  • Is it possible to transfer the opinion of the commune to a new location?
    Question: The company plans to rent a new site and install ten injection molding machines for the production of plastic products, which will be moved from the current location. The landlord has no environmental decision (hereinafter: duś) for such a project. On whose side is the possible obligation to obtain it? Can we extend the opinion of the office (which means that there is no need to obtain duś) to a new location, supplementing it only with the required documents?
  • Legal changes - When you can renounce a water permit
    Entrepreneurs often want to end the validity of a water permit and submit an application pursuant to Art. 407 of the Water Law Act, without applying for the determination of another validity period. Is it legal? Is it possible to specify a date from which such a waiver becomes effective? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article.

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