Aktualności Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection News) 2022/204 (08)

  • Subject of the issue: The latest draft amendments to the Environmental Protection Law
    The amendments introduced by the Act of June 9, 2022 amending the Environmental Protection Law (Environmental Protection Law ) concern the issue of noise. On the other hand, the issue of air protection (print no.2295) is to clarify and detail another amendment to this act, which was submitted to the Sejm on May 19, 2022.
  • EU climate neutrality - plans and challenges
    By 2050, a tool to achieve climate neutrality is to be implemented. It is a package of legal acts aimed at introducing further measures in the field of climate protection. What will be the most important changes?
  • News about the design of the deposit system
    The first assumptions of the deposit system were presented in the draft act amending the act on the management of packaging and packaging waste, which was published on January 31, 2022. However, the system undergoes constant changes at the design stage. What are the newest ones?
  • Classification of contaminated glass waste
    Question: Under what code should be classified waste glass contaminated with chemicals (bottles and jars for chemical reagents), which was used by the technologist? In addition, which entities must include the BDO number on their documents? Must a laboratory, for example, producing slag from heat production in a coal boiler room, do it?
  • Regulations regarding the collection of industrial waste
    Question: I am the owner of a car repair shop and I keep records in the Waste Database (BDO). I produce a small amount of waste - I would have to collect it once a year. Do I need to have a signed contract for the collection of generated waste as part of my business? Of course, I have a signed contract for the collection of municipal waste from activity. Are there laws regulating this issue?
  • Environmental obligations of a heat energy company
    Question: How to determine, for the purposes of preparing a report to KOBiZE, the types and amounts of pollutants introduced into the air from the combustion of ethylinium 95 in a power generator installed in the heating plant. How to get data on indicators? And how to demonstrate oxy-acetylene and coated electrode welding processes? In what units should I specify the amounts of acetylene and electrodes and how to convert them? Is it a fugitive issue? Moreover, sanitary and technological wastewater from the office building and boiler room is discharged to the municipal sewage system. Rainwater and snowmelt from the above-mentioned buildings located in the city are discharged to the municipal rainwater drainage system. Process sewage (i.e. from cooling fan bearings, emergency discharge of boilers and water treatment stations) from the heat plant we manage is discharged to the company's rainwater sewage system and then to the municipal sewage system. Before discharge, the sewage is cleaned of sand and suspended solids in a two-chamber sand trap. Are we required to obtain a water permit? Do we have to pay fees for using the environment or for water services?
  • The EU textile strategy - what are its assumptions
    Question: I work in the clothing industry and have heard about something like the EU textile strategy. What are its assumptions and do additional obligations for clothing manufacturers result from it?
  • Used car dealership - these environmental issues concern him
    Question: What obligations must the entity that runs the used car dealer fulfill and imports cars from abroad for this purpose?
  • How to demarcate land that is covered by water
    How to demarcate land that is under water? When and on whose request such land can be demarcated and who issues the relevant decision? Find out in the article.

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