• Subject of the issue: Amendments to the amount of penalties for environmental crimes
    The Council of Ministers adopted a draft act amending certain acts in order to counteract environmental crime. The perpetrator will pay from 10 thousand. up to PLN 10 million.
  • The tax on CO2 emissions will cover all vehicles
    Most likely, from 2028, the tax on CO2 emissions will be added to the fuel price. All road users will pay it, not just carriers, as previously planned. The final version of the regulations will be determined after negotiations between the EU Council and the Parliament.
  • The current energy situation in Poland
    The energy situation in Poland is influenced by national and EU strategies related to the transformation of energy sources. The Polish power industry uses fossil fuels to a large extent, the use of which causes air pollution and aggravating climate change.
  • Who is responsible for waste generated as part of the provision of services?
    3 section 1 point 32 of the Act on waste are we a producer of waste resulting from the provision of services (we provide services related to warehouse management and delivery logistics)? Do we have to select the option to provide services in BDO?
  • Stock in BDO - how to make a correction
    Question: What can be done when data is entered by mistake that suggest that the waste was left from the previous year, but it is not true?
  • How to calculate the fee for water taken from a well
    Question: What is the rate for 1 m3 of water taken from a well? How to calculate the fee? We have a permit to collect water other than for food purposes (caring for greenery).
  • When do you need to change the environmental decision?
    Question: We need to apply for a new water permit for a sewage treatment plant. In the meantime, a shed for storing sludge and a garage were built on the premises. The application for a water permit should be accompanied by, inter alia, environmental decision. Are we therefore obliged to apply for a new decision?
  • Rules for the sale of plastic grinding to Germany
    Question: We sell our plastic grinding products to Germany, packed in big bags . The recipient in this situation is a German company, not a retail recipient. Do we have to register with LUCID in this situation? How to do it?
  • Reporting on abstraction of water
    Question: Are the users of water services still required to submit the results of measurements of the amount of abstracted groundwater and surface water, if Annexes 2 and 3 were repealed in the ordinance of 8 January 2020?
  • No environmental management system at the intermediary entity
    Pursuant to Art. 28 sec. 3 of the Act on Batteries and Accumulators, the intermediary entity must have implemented an environmental management system compliant with the requirements of the Eco -Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) or with the ISO 14001 standard. Is it possible to sign a contract with an entity that does not meet this condition?
  • Are courier envelopes packaging
    Question: If I attach rebates or courier envelopes with an invoice to the goods that are packed on a pallet, then these envelopes are the packaging placed on the market? It is about the number of packages entered for settlement.
  • What is the Central Operators Base (CRO) and who does
    CRO refer to, i.e. the Central Operators Base, is one of the less known environmental databases. The database contains data on users of devices containing controlled substances or f-gases (fluorinated greenhouse gases).
  • On what principles can you carry out thermal modernization of the building
    The Act of November 21, 2008 on supporting thermo-modernization and renovation and on the central register of emissivity of buildings specifies, inter alia, principles of thermomodernization and financing part of the costs of thermomodernization and renovation projects as well as low-emission projects.
  • What is a device development and modernization plan
    What is a water and sewage development and modernization plan? What are the commune's competences in this respect? Can the commune council refuse to approve it? You will find the answers to these questions in the article.

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