• Subject of the issue: Nuclear energy in Poland - when it becomes real
    The real change of Poland's energy mix is to be the construction of a nuclear power plant, which will serve not only industry, but also households. The new regulations in this area are to enter into force by the end of 2022.
  • Changes in RES records for local governments
    There was an announcement of an amendment to the excise duty act, which will include, inter alia, the issue of simplification in RES records for local governments. The act will also lack subjects regarding excise duty on hybrid cars until 2029. The draft should be approved by the Council of Ministers in the third quarter of this year.
  • Odra pollution and sewage control issues
    Since the end of July, fish plague has been observed in the Oder, including the section from Oława downstream. The Central Research Laboratory of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection collected almost 300 samples from 29 measurement points. As a consequence of recent events, the authorities decided to look at the problem of sewage and its illegal discharge.
  • Amendments to the provisions on water supply and sewage disposal
    The draft of the Act on Collective Water Supply and Collective Sewage Discharge of August 5, 2022 and certain other acts introduces a number of changes to these provisions. What changes are proposed in it?
  • Is crude oil waste covered by SENT
    Question: Should waste with code 16 07 08 * (crude oil waste or its products) be reported to SENT? Oil waste must be reported, but I have recently come across the statement that the transport of this waste must also take place on the basis of a notification in SENT. What's the truth?
  • The need to register with BDO by the manufacturer of plexiglass products
    Question: I run a business that involves the production of plexiglass products (leaflets, showcases, etc.). After cutting the plexiglass, scraps (waste) remain. Do I have to register with BDO?
  • Did you forget to check the device? Check if you face a penalty
    Question: In 2021, the company did not perform a leak test on the refrigeration device. What should be done in such a situation to avoid penalties?
  • Waste producer from installation desludging
    Question: The installation has a bay intake for the collection of surface water for industrial purposes. It is necessary to carry out desludging periodically in order to maintain the possibility of water intake. The material (generally sand) that is taken from the bottom of the bay ends up in a sedimentation tank where it is drained. Tank cleaning is outsourced. In this case, is the operator the producer of the blowdown waste - if so, what should the waste code be?
  • Principles for calculating emissions for solvents used for laboratory tests
    Question: How to calculate emissions from substances (solvents - e.g. acetone, hexane, methanol, toluene, chloroform) used for laboratory tests (R&D)? Is it possible without carrying out environmental emission measurement tests? I would like to add that the amounts of these substances used are large, and counting on the basis of safety data sheets and accepting 100% of emissions results in charging enormous costs.
  • How should you act in the event of a threat of invasive alien species?
    Question: We run a business and near our site, on a property that belongs to a municipality (or a private person, but we do not know him), Sosnowski's Borscht grows, which poses a threat to our employees and is spreading to our area. How can we fight it - where to report it?
  • Investment relief for photovoltaic installations in agriculture
    Energy issues in the context of problems with the availability of raw materials are currently of great interest. This can be seen as an opportunity for the development of energy based on renewable energy sources (RES). One of the sectors in which the use of these sources is systematically growing is agriculture. Farmers using RES can profit from pro-ecological tools resulting from tax regulations.
  • Branches that are dangerous for power lines - whom to turn to for help
    Entities often complain about situations in which power lines are obscured by huge branches, which can pose a great danger to the network, but also to people. These situations are so problematic that energy suppliers do not want to remove such threats by referring them to local government units, which also avoid responsibility. What to do in that case?

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