• Oder and other Polish rivers in the context of sewage disposal
    The inspiration for the creation of this special issue was the ecological disaster related to the pollution of the Oder. Is the condition of Polish waters so bad?
  • Duties of landlords with regard to wastewater management
    Landlords also have obligations with regard to water purification. What?
  • The role of communes in the process of water purity
    Communes ensure cleanliness and order in their area and ensure the construction, maintenance and operation of their own or jointly with other communes or common with the metropolitan association of drainage stations, in the event that it is impossible to connect all real estate to the sewage system or causes excessive costs .
  • What are the responsibilities of emptying septic tanks?
    Also entities that are responsible for emptying septic tanks have their responsibilities.
  • Provisions of the Environmental Protection Law regarding wastewater management
    The legal requirements for wastewater and its illegal discharge are also included in the Environmental Protection Law. Which provisions of this act should you pay special attention to?
  • What substances do you need to be careful about?
    There are certain groups of substances that can be particularly harmful to water. See if you are dealing with any of them.
  • The use of non-common and ordinary
    Polish Waters, the VIEP, starosts and municipalities (including municipal police) carry out controls throughout Poland in connection with the pollution of the Odra River. So far, a large number of unregulated water facilities have been detected, hundreds of illegal outlets have been found and it has been established that many plants do not have water permits. What rules were broken?
  • Principles of normal use of water in Poland
    The law in force allows everyone to use public water, but within a strictly defined scope. What rules do you have to follow?
  • Do you discharge sewage? Check that you are complying with all obligations
    One of the water services is to discharge sewage into water or into the ground. What do you need to remember if you use this service?
  • Who has the right to conduct inspections in the field of wastewater management
    The marshal, staroste, voit, mayor or city president control compliance with the environmental protection regulations within the scope of their properties. How does it exactly look like?
  • Penalties that threaten you directly for improper water management
    Improper water management, including sewage discharged into them contrary to applicable regulations, may result in severe penalties. What? About it in the article.

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