• Subject of the issue: Note - complete digitization of the KOBiZE database from November
    The modification of legal regulations is to ensure the electronicisation of all procedures related to KOBiZE, including registration of entities, data updates or other database functionalities. What does the new regulation change?
  • Circular economy and organic pollution
    The European Union systematically carries out tasks related to the protection of the natural environment, including limiting the amount of toxins introduced into the environment, in order to enable the full implementation of the circular economy.
  • Legal changes
    • Coal quality standards and the problem of smog
      Pursuant to the Regulation on the withdrawal from the application of the requirements set out in the provisions of the Regulation on the quality requirements for solid fuels, the application of the quality requirements for solid fuels was again withdrawn for 60 days. The regulation entered into force on August 28, so it should remain in force until October 26. What's next?
    • Principles of transferring waste to natural persons
      Question: An employee of a waste generating plant wants to buy back the waste (code 17 04 05 iron and steel) which has so far been transferred to an external entity having the appropriate decision. Should we indicate somewhere in BDO that we have handed over the waste to a natural person? If the mass of the waste does not exceed the values contained in the regulation on the types of waste and the amount of waste for which there is no obligation to keep records, should we issue waste transfer cards (KPO) for them?
    • Rules for the transport of scrap metal from Ukraine
      Question: What are the legal requirements for the purchase and shipment of aluminum can waste from Ukraine? We buy scrap waste, which we pass on to the final recycler.
    • Changes to projects that have a significant impact on the environment
      Question: Apparently, there have been some changes to projects that may have a significant impact on the environment this year, but I haven't had time to read about it before. What exactly has changed?
    • Doubts regarding the provision of services and line facilities
      Question: As a meat plant producing waste (its original producer), having nothing to do with the provision of services in the field of construction, renovation of facilities, cleaning of tanks or equipment, we should indicate that we generate waste as a result of providing services (within the meaning of Art. 1 point 32 of the Waste Act)? And what about the activity in the field of linear facilities (within the meaning of Art. 3 point 3a of the Construction Law)?
    • Compensation proceedings and emission permits
      Compensation proceedings pursuant to Art. 225-229 of the Environmental Protection Law (hereinafter: EPL ) is to protect the air and provide opportunities for the development of economic activities. What exactly is it about?
    • Three questions about environmental decisions
      This article describes three problematic issues in obtaining environmental decisions. Be sure to check if you had or are in doubt about any of them.
    • Find out how to protect yourself from leaks
      Many companies store hazardous substances whose packaging may become unsealed. Protection against such leakage may be provided by placing packages containing hazardous liquid waste on sump trays. What is it about?
    • What you should know about CO2 emission allowances
      CO2 emission allowances fulfill the objectives of Directive 2003/87 / EC establishing a system for trading greenhouse gas emission allowances within the Community. The main objectives set out in the Directive focus on supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, based on cost-effectiveness and economic efficiency.
    • Do you have photovoltaic cells? Read this article
      Many entities do not know how they should qualify the space developed for photovoltaic cells. What are the provisions of the law in such a situation?
    • Counteracting environmental crime - list of penalties
      On September 1, 2022, the Act amending certain acts to counteract environmental crime entered into force. We already wrote about these changes in the September issue, but in this article we will supplement the previous information with a detailed catalog of penalties, which you will always be able to refer to when in doubt.

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