• Topic of the issue: RES and innovative solutions in the context of creating ecological advantages by companies
    Environmental protection has recently become an extremely important topic in the world economy and politics. Entrepreneurs usually have a particularly large impact on environmental protection. In addition, some aspects of environmental protection are regulated by law and non-compliance with these rules is mandatory, and non-compliance is punishable by criminal sanctions.
  • Pay attention to the origin of the energy supplied to your company
    In order to create ecological advantages, companies that care about the environment, apart from providing products or services of good quality at an affordable price, also pay more and more attention to all aspects that are implemented around these processes. So, issues related to the functioning of companies that are not directly related to their main activity. First of all, it is worth thinking about the diversification of energy sources and the introduction of RES, which may bring not only image benefits, but also, above all, economic benefits.
  • Renewable energy sources in general
    Energy efficiency and RES in enterprises are to be implemented in accordance with the National Reform Program through investments with the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gases. What is it supposed to be about?
  • Subsidies for investments related to green energy
    The availability of subsidies aimed at popularizing renewable energy sources is constantly increasing. In the article below you will find a list of them along with a list of entities that can apply for such a subsidy.
  • Heat pumps and photovoltaics - should your company invest in one of these solutions
    Photovoltaics is one of the fastest growing RES sectors. A well-designed and executed installation is a guarantee of lower electricity bills. Check whether such investments are possible in your company and what formalities they involve.
  • Another RES solution you can implement
    In addition to the most popular sources of green energy, you can also implement other RES solutions in your business. Check which ones.
  • Why and which environmental problems are worth paying attention to
    The National Reform Program also describes other issues that you can pay attention to when running your business.
  • Features of an environmentally friendly company - start with the simplest changes
    The article shows the simplest examples of solutions that you will be able to implement in your business relatively quickly and at low cost, and which will allow you to build ecological advantages over your competitors.
  • Have you already implemented basic solutions? Time for the next steps
    If the good of the environment is particularly important to you and your business, check what other steps you can take to protect it.
  • Confirmation on paper, i.e. certification of your actions
    Possession of environmental certificates is particularly positively perceived by consumers. It proves that a given company really cares about the good of the environment and its activities are positively assessed by external entities.
  • How to understand eco-innovation
    Eco-innovation is an element of the potential of a given organization and the basis for building advantages on the modern global market. What should you know about her?
  • Case study - you can get inspired by these competition solutions
    The implementation of innovative ecological solutions is a time-consuming and complicated process, which is why it is all the more worthwhile to learn from the mistakes and successes of competitors.

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