ATEST - ochrona pracy (Certificate - work protection) 2018/10

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  • People and events
    • Does the hunting weapon shoot alone? (4)
    • About the service and association (14)
      Different anniversaries are an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved, what went wrong, which should be improved in the future. This year, we are celebrating the 65th anniversary of establishing the OSH service in Poland and the 25th anniversary of the National Association of Workers of Health and Safety Service.
    • Voices from Poland (15)
    • Who is who in work protection: Paweł Górski (17)
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  • Information
    • Employment on the basis of civil law contracts (9)
      The August session of the Labor Protection Council was devoted to employment issues based on civil law contracts - materials on this subject were prepared by the National Labor Inspectorate and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy.
    • Ongoing ... (12)
    • Accredited laboratories performing work environment research (53)
    • Old trees are not cut (63)
  • Technologies and security
    • Safe removal of asbestos-containing materials (18)
      Asbestos properties, good and bad ones, have been known for many years. Due to its harmful effects, since 2005 there is a ban on the production of asbestos-containing products in all EU countries, in Poland this ban has been in force since 1997. To this day, this topic is unresolved and urgent, more intensive actions are necessary.
    • Protective gloves against mechanical risks - standard EN 388: 2016 (40)
      EN 388 on protective gloves against mechanical hazards in 2016 introduced changes compared to the 2003 version. The main differences concern the test of cut resistance and impact protection. Currently, the standard describes two methods of the cut resistance test - the second method has been added to the method left from the previous version of the standard (test described in EN ISO 13997, called the TDM method).
    • A modern and safe factory (59)
      Looking back to the development of industry, we can distinguish several significant phases. And so the construction of a steam engine and the creation of the first factories are called the first industrial revolution. At that time, in the times of the steam engine 100% man was responsible for controlling the machine. It was - figuratively speaking - a controller that decided about the next cycles of machine work.
  • Conferences
    • Protection of workers during asbestos removal (23)
  • Regulations and standards
    • Brushcutters for brush and grass (29)
    • New safety rules for the construction and installation of cranes (55)
    • New health and safety regulations and labor law (56)
    • Termination of employment without notice due to employee's fault (57)
  • Accidents and failures
    • Considerations about braces and anchor points, i.e. no fall arrest (34)
      The accident at work occurred during multi-family construction, so-called apartment. The contractor was a company employing over a dozen employees. In the case of an injured worker, an employee with over twenty years of experience in construction was experienced.
  • Ergonomics
    • Wrist brackets (44)
      One of the technical methods of prophylaxis of pain in the area of ​​the over-hand was to use the so-called wrist brackets while working with a computer mouse. Unfortunately, the hopes placed in them did not fully meet, there were even reports about the harmfulness of their use.
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    • English for people dealing with occupational health and safety (lesson 106)
    • Occupational safety and health (52)
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    • The editorial team answers (13)
      Can an employer introduce in the regulations of benefits from the company's social benefits fund a limitation as to the scope of subsidies, eg that pensioners and renegades (former employees of the plant) and members of their families are entitled to funding only for organized recreation?
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