ATEST - ochrona pracy (Certificate - work protection) 2021/04

  • What health and safety at work, such at home (3)
  • Education
    • Knowledge map as a tool for measuring the perception of OSH among students of construction faculties (part 2) (4)
      The authors developed a structure of a map of OSH knowledge that should be acquired by students preparing for future work in construction. A survey will be used to assess the level of knowledge and awareness of students about the risks and bios in this industry - a comprehensive questionnaire is part of this article. The results of the research conducted with the use of the questionnaire will allow to plan activities increasing the level of students' knowledge. The questionnaire may also be useful for our readers as a kind of checklist for examining the health and safety at construction sites, as well as for assessing the actions taken by the company or institution to protect employees from exposure to the coronavirus .
    • English for Behapists (lesson 135) (40)
    • Analysis of case studies of working with chronic musculoskeletal disorders (3) (40)
      This article presents eight cases of people with chronic musculoskeletal disorders who successfully returned to work after sick leave or continued to work with MSDs.
  • Regulations and standards
    • WHO recommendations for laboratories with SARS-CoV-2 and more (Part 2) (10)
      In accordance with the revised health and safety regulations regarding biological agents in the work environment, when deciding on the required degree of airtightness in a laboratory related to COVID-19 research, it is necessary to to manage, among others "SARS-CoV-2 virus non-proliferation list published as recommendations by WHO". ATEST decided to provide readers with a Polish translation of this document, useful in any biological laboratory.
    • Documents confirming the improvement of professional qualifications - owned by the employee (14)
      In practice, it often happens that the employer refuses to issue the employee with documents issued by name confirming the fact of obtaining the professional qualifications specified in it or completing a given form of education. Such action is most often supported by the argument that since the employer covered the costs related to obtaining the document in question, it is his property. Nothing could be more wrong. These types of documents are always the property of persons designated by name in them, for ś their involuntary detention marked in this way the owner can przysporzy Æ employer many problems.
    • Improvement of professional qualifications by an employee (42)
      The employer decides what constitutes an improvement of professional qualifications by an employee. An employee is entitled to any benefits for improving professional qualifications only when the employer accepts the employee to undertake a specific type of education or training.
    • Successive Polish versions of the standards for permanent means of access to machines (44)
      These standards define minimum requirements that also apply when the same means of access are necessary (e.g. stairs, ladder stairs, railings or fixed ladders), which are also part of the building or building structure in which the machine is installed, provided that the primary function of that part of the structure is to provide a means of access to the machine.
    • Dryers and coolers (45)
      In the "Machines - checklist" series we have published so far an introductory article "Nobody can help with machines" and various checklists, the list of which can be found on the CERTIFICATE website.
  • People and events
    • Who is who in labor protection - Radosław Pych (20)
    • Safety in Science and Higher Education Benisz 2021 - round spring (25)
      Seminar employees involved in safety at universities and research institutes Benisz 2021 organized by ATTEST in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University, was divided into two rounds, the first of which took place on-line March 4 this year. the results were considered deserving of dissemination.
    • Unaudited health and safety service (29)
      Finally, there are behavioral workers in Poland - both those working full-time and those serving employers as the so-called specialists from outside the plant, conducting only training activities in the field of health and safety or providing consulting services in a narrow expert scope. A slogan that has been circulating in our environment for at least a dozen or so years. But how to do it?
    • Association of regulations (33)
      On February 4, 2021, a discussion was held on the interpretation of issues related to, inter alia, with risk assessment for biological agents organized by the Main Board of OSPSBHP.
    • Memoirs of a labor inspector from 1991-2011 (part 1) (34)
  • Technologies and security
    • Cracks screws (part 2) (22)
      We publish the second part of the article that the authors spent among causes of bolt failure, such as hydrogen embrittlement, brittleness due to improper heat treatment, stress corrosion cracking, overload during assembly and bolt fatigue, most often preceded by bolt loosening. Bolted joint failure is the cause of many accidents and breakdowns. The effects of these events vary from minor non-traumatic incidents to the most severe, dramatic fatalities.
  • Occupational safety lessons
    • Warehouseman - warehouse worker (part 5) (31)
      "Occupational health and safety lessons" are publications not only for school use - due to the extensive identification of hazards and descriptions of the work performed, they constitute auxiliary material for occupational risk assessment. We continue the publication of a lesson on the work of a warehouse worker; previous parts were released in the following issues: 2, 3, 11/2020 and 2/2021.
  • Accidents and breakdowns
    • Application of statistical methods to the analysis of accidents at work in a selected industrial plant (36)
      The publication presents an introduction to the method of predicting the number of accidents at work in industrial plants. The analysis used statistical data on accidents at work together with characteristic production data useful for determining accident rates for an exemplary industrial plant in 2007-2018. The article presents absolute and ratio analysis. A forecast of the number of accidents in a randomly selected year was also prepared using the density of the Poisson probability distribution.
  • Permanent columns
    • Texts-pretexts (2)
    • Everyday technique (18)
    • Contest (21)
    • Accidents (39)

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