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      According to paragraph 11 OKO/WypR, the accident team is obliged to familiarize the injured with the contents of the accident report before its approval, in order to enable him to exercise the right to make comments and objections to the findings contained in the report. The provisions of the ordinance do not specify how the familiarization is to take place, or what to do if the performance of this activity is difficult or impossible. In this article, we will look at some such situations, based on established case law and the dominant views expressed in the doctrine.
    • Polish version of the standard on electrical equipment of machines (33)
    • Determining willful damage caused to the employer (40)
      Conviction for an intentional crime excludes, in the light of Art. 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure, according to which the findings of a final conviction in criminal proceedings as to the commission of a crime shall be binding on the court in civil proceedings, the possibility of the court establishing the lack of intention of the perpetrator in a civil case.
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      Culture of safety and health protection at the construction site is the result of the culture of enterprises whose employees perform work - it consists of the conditions and organization of work and the behavior of construction workers resulting from the observance of health and safety regulations by all participants a construction project (investor, designer, construction manager / works manager, construction workers), ensuring health and life protection against hazards occurring at the construction site.
    • Fire protection guide (part 33) (24)
      In this part the author discusses the issue of explosion hazard as well as fire hazardous work.
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    • European Union strategy for health and safety at work for 2021-2027. The path that everyone can follow or wishful thinking? (27)
      In the middle of last year, the European Commission published the document 'The Strategic Framework of the European Union on Health and Safety at Work 2021-2027. Occupational health and safety in the changing world of work ”, in which he proposes a program to improve the most important areas of OSH in EU countries. The author of the article presents a summary of the report, pointing to its strengths and weaknesses. It also leaves the reader with a reflection on the planned changes - is the proposed concept really a solution to the problems of accidents and the improvement of working conditions in the Member States?
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    • Intelligent PPE: Intelligent Protection for the Future (3) (42)
      This article discusses the emergence of intelligent PPE in the workplace. They combine traditional security measures with improved materials or electronic components and can collect data about the user, the working environment or their own application. The study provides recommendations to help you make the best use of the potential benefits of intelligent personal protective equipment, highlighting the importance of collaboration between users and manufacturers in this field.
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