Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2017/01

  • Experiences with coal seam operation in the "CSM" mine in the Czech Republic
    The article describes the experience of trial operation of the coal seam with a chamber-pillar system in the Czech mine "DZ2" belonging to OKD, a.s., against the background of geological and mining conditions and the course of the existing deposit exploitation. This article describes the machine equipment, including the Bolter Miner type harvester from Joy, which was used for the first time in the GZW conditions. The technology of performing and monitoring an independent anchoring casing is also presented.
  • Roof slab tops in the face of corridor workings - questionnaire surveys
    The article presents the results of surveys among persons supervising underground mining plants extracting hard coal. The research concerned the self-assessment of the actual state of the excavations in which dangerous events related to the maintenance of the ceiling occurred. The analysis of the results can be used as a tool for appropriate preventive measures to counteract unintentional roof slopes in hollow mine headings.
  • The impact of mining operations on overhead heat pipelines
    The article discusses the impact of ground deformations caused by mining operations on overhead heat pipelines. Overground heat pipelines in mining areas are constructed of thermally insulated steel pipes arranged on supports and equipped with expansion joints. Deformations of the subsoil, in mining areas, force displacement of supports, which in turn causes additional forces and bending moments in the construction of heat pipelines. The heat pipelines are protected against this impact by their addition, consisting in the use of additional compensators and shaped compensations. The article presents a method of assessing the possibility of mining deformations taking over the ground by overhead heat pipes.
  • Safety of blasting works in opencast mining plants
    Blasting is the basic method of mining deposits of rock raw materials in opencast mining plants. The article presents the state of safety in the field of blasting works in 1990-2015 as well as the circumstances and reasons for the specific events in mining plants associated with the use of blasting agents. In addition, the impact of various factors related to blasting operations on the safety condition was analyzed.
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