Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2019/01


  • Flameproof cable inlets in mining - application practice
    The publication presents basic information about flameproof cable glands and the practice of their application in mining. Their constructions were discussed, the user benefits from the use of universal inlets. Solutions resulting from practices applied in the Polish mining industry have been taken into account. Suggestions for solutions that may have an impact on reducing the load of mine electricians have been indicated.
  • Forecasting the load of mechanized plow casing
    One of the exploitation methods used in Polish and Ukrainian hard coal mines is a longwall system equipped with plow-type longwall systems. They are equipped with automation systems that allow monitoring and recording of work parameters. The work uses the recorded pressures in the hydraulic stands of the powered roof support, geomechanical parameters of the rock mass and the speed of wall progress for section load forecasting. Measurement data came from complexes working in Lubelskie and the Donetsk Coal Basin. The purpose of statistical analyzes was to use the grouping method and multiple regression. Statistical analyzes allowed to determine the significance of particular model parameters and to perform predictions in terms of determining the expected section load. Despite the use of various statistical analyzes, the received section load values correspond to real loads. Continuation of work in the field of using the work parameters of longwall systems, including pressure in the hydraulic stands of the powered roof support section, may contribute to the improvement of efficiency and safety. This can be achieved by applying existing experiences and developing them in the selection of enclosures for geological and mining conditions.
  • SYNDIS computer system for supervision, consulting and auditing with the KWB "Bełchatów" electric power system. History and present
    The specificity of the Bełchatów Lignite Mine is determined by the close connection with the work of the nearby power plant. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a stable supply of fuel to produce the assumed amounts of energy, and thus undisturbed supply of mining machines and transport lines. In this respect, the main role is played by automation and monitoring systems intended for control and supervision of the mine power network. In the KWB "Bełchatów", SYNDIS RV system has been used for this purpose for several years. Bearing in mind the previous work experience, it is difficult to overestimate its importance. Improvement of work safety, elimination of erroneous switching and remote operation of several hundred objects scattered throughout the mine are tangible benefits from its use. Applications that allow to analyze network disruptions and correct its configuration are very useful. The created work support tools also allowed to limit the number of personnel and minimize the number of emergency shutdowns.
  • From the Templars to Hitler. Mining and underground treasures

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