Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2020/01

  • An outline of the history of Crakow mining offices
    The history of organized forms of mining supervision in Crakow dates back to at least the Middle Ages, i.e. the issue of the statute for salt mines by Kazimierz Wielki in 1368. Krakow mining offices operated in various forms, depending on the current political power and system, in modern times as: mining eldership, district mining office or the State Mining Authority. The heir to the traditions of these bodies is the Regional Mining Office in Crakow, in its present form established by the regulation of 1946. During its operations, the Krakow mining offices supervised the extraction of most of the minerals available in Poland: rock salt, crude oil and natural gas, hard coal, metal ores, brines, healing and thermal waters, rock minerals, sands and gravels. In addition, they supervise tourist traffic at the buildings of historic salt mines in Bochnia and Wieliczka, and drill a tunnel under the Luboń Mały Mountain. The employees of the Crakow mining office are guided by the idea of ensuring the safety of persons employed in mining plants as well as universal safety and limiting the effects of exploitation on the environment.
  • Overvoltages occurring in power networks when switching off devices under load
    The article presents the issue of overvoltages arising during switching off transformers in real power supply systems. The analyzed networks are supplied from typical mine distribution fields, in which 6 kV vacuum circuit breakers or contactors or based on gasoline in the form of gas with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) are installed. Due to fast technological changes in the design solutions of contactors and switches, the own switching-off times of the powered circuits have been reduced by a factor of ten. Shortening the disconnection time of the power supply circuits results in a significant increase in voltage after the contactor or circuit breaker has tripped. Bearing in mind that these devices are installed in potentially explosive areas, an attempt was made to calculate the magnitude of these overvoltages based on real power systems existing at the mines.
  • Land reclamation after open-cast mining at the local property of OUG in Katowice
    Environmental protection law and Geological and mining law impose on mining enterprises the obligation to take the necessary measures to protect the environment and land reclamation after exploitation of minerals. The scale of the problem is illustrated by the volume of land used for mining activities in 2017 - 41,017 ha. As part of decommissioning and reclamation work, mining enterprises often give transformed areas as a result of open-cast mining of new landscapes useful and more favorable to the natural environment than the original ones. Among the very rich catalog of reclamation directions there are three main ones: in the forest, agricultural and water directions. Forest reclamation, conducted, among others through the "Szczakowa" Sand Mine in Jaworzno or the "Szeligowiec" Mining Plant in Siewierz, it consists in preparing the area for forest use. Water reclamation is carried out, among others through the "Przecieszyn III" Opencast Mining Plant in Przecieszyn and the "Dwory" Kruszywa Mine in Oświęcim. It includes profiling reservoir slopes and preparing for recreational, breeding or ecological functions. Agricultural reclamation is intended to prepare the area for agricultural or horticultural production.
  • With skat around the world
  • Mining patronage still drives Polish sport
  • The "Dębieńsko" Coal Mine Chamber of Tradition is already 35 years old

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