• Reclamation of land transformed by mining activities
    The article discusses the formal and legal foundations of cooperation between mining supervision authorities and environmental protection authorities in the field of land reclamation on which, as a result of mining activities, there was an unfavorable transformation of the natural shape of the surface, as well as soil and ground contamination. The mining activity in the field of reclamation and development of land transformed by mining activities in 2015-2019 was also presented.
  • Seismicity of the rock mass in the border regions of hard coal mines against the background of local geological and mining conditions
    The experience of the GZW mines shows that exploitation events are an element conducive to the generation of above-average seismic activity, and the high degree of embarrassment resulting from their existence concerns many border areas. On the example of three mining areas in the vicinity of the mining area borders, the article analyzes the seismic hazard accompanying the construction of nine longwalls. As part of the attempt to link the level of seismic activity with local geological and mining conditions, the criterion used was the variability of such parameters as: total number and energy of phenomena, unit energy expenditure index, average energy and number of events per 1 running meter. progress and the average energy of a single seismic phenomenon.
  • Modernization of the power supply for the PGG mining plant. Branch of KWK "ROW" Ruch Marcel
    The article presents the process of introducing technical and organizational changes aimed at changing the power supply to the parent part of KWK "ROW" Ruch Marcel by launching a new 6 kV switchgear at the level of 800. The basic premise for the implementation of the investment in question was the need to increase the power at the level of 800 and improve the safety of the mining plant .
  • Mining initiatives of Stanisław August Poniatowski
  • The world of miners in children's fairy tales
  • A photographer from a non-existent village

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