• Analysis of the influence of selected factors on the value of the thermal moisture phase change coefficient in the exploitation walls
    Based on the results of measurements from two mining walls, the article discusses the influence of such factors as: temperature, humidity and air velocity at the inlet to the excavation, the primary temperature of the rock mass and the period of wall ventilation on the thermal phase change coefficient of moisture. The significance of the selection of the value of the factor in question for the correctness of the forecast of climatic conditions was also discussed. The variable most strongly related to its value in the exploitation walls is air humidity. On the basis of the collected data, an empirical relationship was derived, which - in the case of certain walls - allows a relatively correct estimation of the value of the thermal moisture phase change coefficient.
  • Decisions of control and supervision authorities in the field of environmental protection in mining
    The article defines the powers of public administration bodies with regard to issuing environmental protection decisions in relation to mining activities, resulting, inter alia, from from Geological and Mining Law, Environmental Protection Law, Entrepreneurs' Law and Acts on Waste and Protection of Agricultural and Forest Land. Thus, it indicates decisions issued in this respect by environmental protection authorities (commune executive body, staroste, voivodeship marshal, regional environmental protection director), mining supervision authorities and the Environmental Protection Inspectorate. Moreover, it raises the issue of the powers of the authorities in the field of control and supervision over the operation of mining plants and their acting as a public prosecutor in misdemeanor cases.
  • Implementation of the project of an independent anchoring support for the corridor at JSW KWK "Budryk" (Communication)
    The announcement presents the experiences and problems from the initial phase of implementation of the research and development project: "Independent anchor support in the Bw-1n research gallery in deck 401 at Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa SA KWK" Budryk "". It deals with the issues of roadway excavation as well as the development, control and maintenance of a corridor working in the technology of an independent anchor support in a hard coal mine. The method of drilling with the Bolter Miner shearer and the method of controlling the excavation stability during its exploitation was discussed .
  • Mechanisms for determining the structure and composition of standing expert committees appointed by the President of the State Mining Authority
  • Ingacy Domeyko - from Żegota from Dziady to the national hero of Chile
  • Chief Humpy's sailing fleet

Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) - the whole list