• Modeling of land surface displacements induced by drainage of rock layers - literature review
    One of the most common consequences of pumping water from underground reservoirs is land surface displacement. The main reason for this phenomenon is the extensive use of groundwater resources, which is carried out, among others, by continuous deformation. Drainage compression in Polandthe rock mass is most often associated with mining exploitation. The displacements of the terrain surface resulting from the drainage of rock layers may have values ranging from several dozen mm to even several meters. The range of this phenomenon is usually extensive and in many cases difficult to define unequivocally. Many methods are used to model the drainage displacement of the land surface. Analyzes and simulations of this type are usually carried out on the basis of theoretical methods that allow for a holistic approach to the geomechanical problemtransformation of rock layers induced by rock mass drainage and obtaining very good modeling results. However, they are often ineffective, in particular in terms of time-consuming calculations. Therefore, there is a need for further research that will enable a more effective modeling of the compaction of aquifers. Currently, special attention is focused on research into the use of InSAR and artificial intelligence for this purpose . The article presents a review of models used to predict land surface displacements induced by drainage of rock layers.
  • Tragedies during the opening and penetration of inactive workings in underground mines in terms of regulations
    Penetration of dammed workings has always posed a great threat to mine workers due to the presence of an unbreathable atmosphere in the space excluded from the ventilation network, high temperature and air humidity.  Pursuant to the regulations, this work should be carried out by rescuers as part of rescue operations. Due to large restrictions and costs of "official" rescue operations in hard coal mines, there were, however, unauthorized entries behind the dams, referred to as "silent actions". Group fatal accidents in three mines that occurred during such works were described, noting that the injured workers were not adequately protected by rescue teams and doctors while penetrating the workings, and that due to the difficult microclimate conditions they could have suffered heat stroke. After the first of the described cases, the principle was adopted that the penetration of the previously dammed workings is carried out only with the simultaneous development of the lute pipe. Moreover, cooling vests were introduced for rescuers, and inhaled air coolers were used in the W-70 devices. The equipment of the mine ventilation and rescue services was also supplemented with individual devices for continuous gas content measurement and hytherographs . The criteria and rules for employing rescuers in difficult microclimate conditions were also verified, introducing them to the applicable regulations.
  • The mode of operation of standing expert committees appointed by the President of the State Mining Authority (selected issues)
  • The forgotten massacre of Polish miners in the American Lattimer
  • Mining Magnetic Observatory and the "Barbara" Experimental Mine in Mikołów

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