Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2021/05

  • The use of SWIP5 software to analyze the seismic hazard in mines
    The article presents the SWIP5 program, intended for use in seismological observatories, research institutes and seismic hazard monitoring centers, such as mines. The purpose of its development, combining mining seismology solutions with general seismology, was to facilitate the routine analysis of seismic data at various levels of advancement. SWIP5 has a modular structure. It consists of a core enabling basic operations and modules independent of the core, on the basis of which the user can create his own program functionality. The article presents the principle of program construction and analysis of seismic data, the method of storing the results and the methods of cooperation with other tools for the study of seismic hazard.
  • Methods of cleaning coal tanks in mining plants on the example of JSW KWK "Pniówek)
    Coal tanks are an important element of the technological process. Their walls may contain debris from the excavated material (overhangs on the casing of tanks, and even blockages at their outlets), which make their exploitation difficult, which results in disturbances in the mine's operation. The binding regulations impose an obligation on the entrepreneur to periodically inspect the condition of the housing of the coal tanks. Each inspection is preceded by a thorough cleaning of their housing, which ensures the safety of the inspectors and allows to reduce the problems associated with the operation of the tanks. In the mining industry, the control of tank brickwork is carried out in one of three ways: from a pile of spoil accumulated in the tank, from a movable platform suspended on ropes attached to beams built in the roof of the chamber above the tank, or by using industrial mountaineering techniques. The article describes the application of the climbing method on the example of KWK "Pniówek". The cleaning and inspection of the tanks are performed here by specialized rescue teams for work in vertical workings, on the basis of action. Their plan is each time reviewed by the regional mine rescue station. Actions are carried out with the use of specialized rescue teams. Thanks to this, their members can improve their skills, refine and consolidate procedures. All this allows for safe work with the use of mountaineering techniques and ensures uninterrupted operation of the coal tanks.
  • Drinking water at PGG, Branch KWK "Piast-Ziemowit" Ruch Ziemowit
    The salinity of water flowing into the mine workings of PGG SA Branch KWK "Piast-Ziemowit" Ruch Ziemowit in Lędziny increases with increasing depth. Mine dewatering is carried out by a system that allows for the selective intake and separation of fresh and saline waters. Salty and moderately saline waters collected in the main drainage pumping stations are discharged to the Goławiecki Stream or the Wola retention and dosing reservoir. Fresh water flowing into the areas of the liquidated shafts "Hołdunów" and "Piast II", is collected in the auxiliary pumping station at the WI shaft and sent to the water treatment station. The treated water, meeting the criteria of water fit for human consumption, supplies the drinking water network used by the employees of the mine and the inhabitants of Lędziny, and since 2018, it is also bottled. Thanks to filtration, it is clean and rich in minerals. In order to ensure its quality and suitability for consumption, its quality is systematically monitored. Freshwater that does not meet the requirements of water intended for human consumption is used for industrial purposes or discharged into the environment.
  • The second life of the mine - from the garden to the amusement park
  • The influence of carbon dioxide from the combustion of energy fossil fuels on the greenhouse effect (discussion article)
  • The amazing world of ceramics

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