Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2021/11

  • Operation in conditions of a landslide hazard in KWB "Bełchatów"
    The article is a summary of the activities of KWB "Bełchatów" aimed at identifying, categorizing and monitoring landslide threats, as well as developing rules of procedure in the event of their occurrence. It presents the principles of the categorization of landslide threats, criteria for the assessment of the state of threat and the principles of their application in the course of the operation. It draws attention to the importance of conducting geological works aimed at recreating the history of the processes shaping the deposit, the purposefulness of monitoring surface and downward deformations, and the need to develop procedures to be followed in the event of a hazard. Situations are also described in which the coal from the deepest parts of the deposit was exploited only thanks to the correct implementation of all actions necessary to identify the threat, knowledge and experience of the mining staff and close cooperation with scientific centers.
  • Research on permeability and filtration coefficient in the assessment of hydrogeological conditions and the state of water hazards in underground mines
    The article presents the methodology of laboratory determinations of permeability and filtration coefficient on samples of Carboniferous sandstones taken from boreholes drilled in an exemplary research area, and analyzes of water circulation conditions in the zone separating the goafs of a closed mine and active workings of a protected mine. On the basis of the obtained test results, the intensity of water flow through the rock mass in the zone separating the occurrence of goaf from both mines was estimated. In addition, the importance of the methods and the size of these hydrogeological parameters in the process evaluation and estimation of the water flow rate between mines and in water hazard forecasting due to the efficiency of mine drainage systems is discussed.
  • Securing wall corners at intersections with longwall sidewalks at LW "Bogdanka" (Announcement)
    The work describes the new method of securing wall corners at intersections with longwall pavements in front of the exploitation front, which is new at LW Bogdanka, and compares it with the technologies of lining “longwall recesses” used so far. The main advantages and disadvantages of the new technology as well as the directions of further research were indicated. improved security and financial results.
  • Miner's houses - how they lived and what was left of them
  • Emil and Georg Zillmann - fathers of Upper Silesian industrial architecture
  • How the "doctor" of mining machines became a professional tourist

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