• SWAR-2 rescue radio communication system
    In most underground mines, rescue teams use wired voice communication systems during rescue operations. However, the development of radio technology made it possible to build access networks in excavations, based on wireless backbone networks. The nodes of the backbone network require an autonomous power supply and a flexible installation, adapted to the needs of the emergency team. These requirements are taken into account by the explosion-proof SWAR-2EX rescue support system. The system consists of a ResBase base station with batteries sufficient for 16 hours of autonomous operation, BatNode wireless nodes and mPhone radiotelephones. BatNode nodes, with battery power sufficient for 120 hours of autonomous operation, are access points for mPhone radiotelephones. These radios operate in the 868 MHz band and enable conversations between rescuers and between rescuers and the manager of an underground rescue operation. They are also equipped with motion sensors, automatically alarming about a possible fainting of the rescuer. They can also be used to search for a rescuer by measuring the level of the radio signal or by remotely triggering an acoustic signal from the wanted person's phone. Additional devices of the SWAR-2EX system are external battery and directional antenna. The antenna can be used to locate buried miners equipped with personal identifiers. The SWAR-2EX system enables: voice communication between the head of the rescue operation downstairs and the substitute rescue team, and between the radiotelephones of the rescue team, as well as between the base station and the rescue operation manager; monitoring the status of radiotelephones and BatNode on the base station screen and on the computer screen on the surface; transmission of audio signals from the base station to the surface for registration and listening by the rescue operation manager.
  • "Mines of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa 360". Genesis, characteristics and goals (Communication)
    The work describes the genesis, characteristics and goals of the "Mines of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa 360 °" application, which was created to bring the mining work closer to the recipients. Film and photo materials as well as presentations and texts were developed and produced by employees of the JSW Capital Group. Thanks to the application, available on the JSW website, you can see representative objects and places of the Company, creating a realistic image of a hard coal mine. The multimedia walk allows you to go through the daily miner's "trail" from the mine gate, through the descent down to the mining wall. It also allows you to take a closer look at what is happening to the coal and the accompanying methane downstream and on the surface of the mine. Thanks to the "360 VR video" technology, you can also look around. The use of a camera recording the image in the 360 ° range, as opposed to "ordinary film", creates the illusion of being in the center of events. It is best to use the application with VR goggles, which will ensure an unforgettable experience and close contact with the daily life of the mine. The heart of the project is a kind of mosaic of several dozen films, enriched with various visuals, photos and videos, interesting facts and information about hazards in JSW's mining plants.
  • Yellow gold of Tarnobrzeg
  • Celebration of the 100th anniversary of mining supervision in Poland
  • 22nd conference "Problems of safety and health in the Polish mining industry"

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