Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka (Work Safety) 2021/11

  • Good practices in the field of ergonomics - 24th Safe Work Forum Conference (II cover page)
    "Modern ergonomics". The meeting took place on November 4 this year online.
  • Local reports (2)
  • Digital transformation in construction: time and cost savings and cleaner air (3)
    The formalities related to an average construction investment in Poland require the consumption of as much as 22.5 tons of paper. The answer to this problem is to be launched on October 1, 2021, the e-Budownictwo service, which will enable investors to e.g. completing and submitting 23 applications related to the construction process in electronic form, as well as sending a construction project in digital form, keeping an electronic construction log, and even ordering a chimney sweep visit.
  • Safety first of all - a summary of the A + A 2021 fair in Dusseldorf (4)
  • EU regulations on conformity assessment of PPE - a view from the perspective of a notified body (6)
    In 2016, Regulation (EU) 2016/425 was published, which contains requirements for the design and production of personal protective equipment intended to be made available in the European Union. Almost 30 years of experience in applying the provisions of the Directive have become the basis for the development and implementation of the new legal act.
  • Students investigated the influence of the ambient temperature on the energy expenditure of a person performing physical work (10)
    While performing work, a person consumes a certain amount of energy, called the net energy expenditure. Determining its value is important because on this basis it is possible to determine the degree of severity of the work performed.
  • Possibilities of using exoskeletons to support employees in activities requiring strength, virtual training or rehabilitation (13)
    The progressive automation and robotization of industrial production processes goes hand in hand with the use of similar technological solutions, such as worn robots, to support employees in the work environment. The most technologically advanced example of a robot worn in the form of a full-body active exoskeleton is not the only application direction for various types of exoskeletons. They can also be used to support employee training, remote control of robots and support the process of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Assessment of the level of understanding of lean management principles by employees of production and assembly lines (18)
    Shaping the working environment in the production space is a very important aspect from the point of view of occupational health and safety, as well as efficiency and continuity of production processes. Modeling conditions at the workplace relates primarily to compliance with legal provisions and minimizing the impact of various factors on the employee. In the light of modern management techniques, the full package of solutions for improving the work environment includes the concept of lean management, supported by tools, methods and concepts such as: the 5S method, kaizen or continuous improvement. The article presents the results of research aimed at determining the level of understanding of the basic principles of lean management by employees of production companies.
  • Proposals of signal filtering solutions in electronic sound transmission systems (22)
    The aim of the article is to present a proposal of solutions that could be used in an electronic system of transmitting sounds to an employee, enabling filtering of the signal in frequency bands. The requirements for the measurement properties of octave-wide band filters were analyzed.
  • From OSH to well-being (28)
    Well-being is a very broad concept with various interpretations. In its definition, it contains an individually perceived state of comfort and health, but also the quality of life, a sense of meaning and purpose.
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Parliament of the Republic of Poland debated
    • Practice, cooperation and reliable risk assessment as a prescription for effective prevention of musculoskeletal ailments (29)
  • Changes in regulations (30)
    • Occupational health and safety during the construction and operation of gas networks and the commissioning of natural gas installations - amendment to the regulation
    • Detailed conditions of safety and hygiene of the firefighters service of the State Fire Service - new regulation
  • We answer readers' questions (31)
    • Information on additional benefits in November, the so-called fourteen
    • Is it possible to get one-time money for an accident that happened at work?
  • Reports from abroad (32)

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