Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka (Work Safety) 2023/04

  • News from the country (2)
  • The 20th OHS fair in Katowice is behind us (3)
  • Modern tools supporting people with visual disabilities (4)
    On the first day of the calendar spring, the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) held a seminar entitled "Modern tools supporting people with visual disabilities in the work and life environment". It presented four solutions resulting from the work of scientists from CIOP-PIB, addressed to people with visual impairments.
  • Safe work is the basic right of every employee. World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28 April 2023) (6)
    Traditionally, on April 28, we celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This year, its slogan is: "Safe work is the basic right of every employee."
  • Out of concern for the health of people working exposed to harmful exhaust fumes from diesel engines (8)
    Epidemiological studies indicate that there is a relationship between exposure to diesel exhaust fumes and an increased incidence of certain cancer groups. The Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) was the first in Poland to develop a method for determining hazardous to human health exhaust gases emitted from diesel engines, adapted to the new legal regulations.
  • Mediation in resolving disputes in the workplace (10)
    The article discusses the issue of the institution of mediation in labor law proceedings. Based on the analysis of legal sources, literature and statistical data, the effectiveness of mediation proceedings in labor law was assessed. In addition, the benefits of the institution of mediation were indicated and an attempt was made to identify the reasons for the current level of use of this method of resolving disputes between employers and employees. In mediation, the parties play an important role in resolving disputes. This often results in creative solutions, more lasting results, greater satisfaction and better relationships.
  • Visual communication means used in shaping attitudes towards work safety (15)
    The relationship between visual communication and the issues of occupational safety and health protection has a long tradition in Poland. Its origins are seen in the interwar period, when artists representing the visual arts began to take up socially important topics in their works and create visual materials of an informative and educational nature, e.g. in the form of occupational safety posters. Currently, such materials are being developed, e.g. as a result of the activities of the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute and institutions and enterprises cooperating with it. The article attempts to characterize the visual means currently used in activities in the field of shaping attitudes towards work safety. This type of materials play an important role in shaping the culture of occupational safety - they are a source of information in the field of occupational health and safety, perceived visually. The article discusses: occupational safety posters, infographics, photographs, videos and animations.
  • Checking the suitability of acoustic metamaterial for reducing medium and high frequency noise - numerical simulations (22)
    Noise at workstations is still the main threat to workers in industrial plants. The use of soundproof enclosures and barriers to reduce this risk is not always possible or sufficient. A relatively new and promising way to reduce noise is the use of meta acoustic materials that redirect or absorb the sound wave, and show the highest efficiency at frequencies close to the resonant frequency. Acoustic metamaterials are primarily used to reduce narrowband noise. The article presents their numerical models, which were used to determine the resonant frequencies. Simulations were performed in two different finite element analysis programs. The obtained results indicate that a metamaterial with a tunnel structure with Helmholtz resonators placed inside can reduce noise in several frequency bands (in the medium and high frequency range) and to a greater extent than a metamaterial with a tunnel structure without resonators.
  • Improvement of safety and ergonomics when working with heavy loads at SIA Silkeborg Spaantagning Baltic (Latvia) (28)
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Sejm of the Republic of Poland held a meeting (29)
    About complaints and applications submitted to the National Labor Inspectorate and about occupational health and safety of Ukrainian citizens
    At the meeting of the Labor Protection Council on March 6, 2023, two topics were presented: "Examination of complaints and applications submitted to the National Labor Inspectorate in 2020-2022" and "Migration crisis related to the war in Ukraine and the occupational health and safety situation of citizens of this country providing work in Poland".
  • Changes in regulations (30)
    • Train driver's license - new regulation
    • Examinations for a driver's license and certificate - a new regulation
    • Conditions for safe use of ionizing radiation for all types of medical exposure - new regulation
  • We answer readers' questions (31)
    • Which periods are not included in the period of work in special conditions or of a special nature?
    • What are the basic possibilities of obtaining a survivor's pension by a widow?
  • Reports from abroad (32)

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