• The topic of the issue
    • Does heating and ventilation have an effect on work efficiency
      Regulations do not specify the maximum temperature in rooms and workplaces, but you have to remember a few important rules. It is, among others, about the dependence between the severity of the work performed and the temperature close to the optimal one, and also the fact that the proper lighting of the warehouse depends not only on the quality, but also on the comfort of work.
  • Working conditions
    • How to safely remove products containing asbestos. Part 2
      We present the second part of the article dealing with the subject of asbestos. This is a very detailed study, which is why it has been divided into two parts. In this article, we discuss emergency response, measures to protect the worker from asbestos dust, a plan for removing such products, preparing for transport and handling in the event of an accident.
    • What safety rules apply when working in wastewater treatment plants
      Work in sewage treatment plants is considered to be particularly dangerous due to frequent execution of works at heights, in tanks or with the use of hazardous substances. These works should be carried out by at least 2 people in order to ensure the protection. The employees who run them are exposed to many harmful, burdensome factors affecting their work safety. Proper reminder and updating of the knowledge about risks that may occur in his work will allow him to safely perform this work.
    • When to equip an employee in work clothing and footwear
      Not every employer has the obligation to provide employees with work clothing and footwear. However, if this obligation should be exercised, the company can not evade it because employees who do not have protection against health and safety hazards can legally refuse to perform their duties and sometimes even sue the employer.

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