BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2020/218

  • Subject of the issue - Practical examples for interesting OSH training
    Is it possible to conduct OSH training without a presentation? Many trainers cannot imagine such a situation. And it is possible. Presentations play an important role: they contain a training plan and the most important information and define its framework. However, if showing it becomes the main way to conduct classes, you can be doomed to failure. Only 10% of the information we hear is remembered. Acquiring knowledge by doing or sharing it with others can increase up to 90%. It is therefore necessary to prepare the training so that it corresponds to the natural ways of adult learning. Training sessions during which the students sit and listen are a thing of the past. More and more companies are focusing on quality and choosing active forms of learning, and people conducting OSH training use various methods to interest training participants.
  • End of transition period for OSH documents
    In 2019, the templates of several OSH documents changed, including accident report and document prints in the field of OHS training. At the end of December 2019, the end of the transitional period also expired, when both old patterns of these prints and new ones could be used.Employer, check changes in labor court proceedings
    As of November 7, 2019, amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure and certain other acts entered into force. They are important because they relate to: dealing with civil matters and proceedings in labor courts, scope of labor law as well as health and safety at work. For the employer they change, among others rules for participation in the preparatory meeting. But it is not everything.
  • Immediate threat to health or life as a basis for refraining from work - practical doubts and the role of a labor inspector
    Performing work in conditions of immediate threat to health or life is a simple way to an accident. To avoid this, regulations give employees the right to refrain from work, which may take the form of a legal obligation in specific situations. The employer's role is to ensure that you can refrain from work until you remove the threat. Otherwise, the employer risks not only that the employee will have an accident but also that a labor inspector will appear at the workplace with all the consequences arising from such a visit.
  • How to prepare a risk assessment at the workplace of a blast room operator
    Occupational risk is the probability of the occurrence of undesirable work-related events that cause losses, in particular the occurrence of adverse health effects for employees as a result of occupational hazards in the work environment or the way the work is performed. We present the occupational risk assessment at the operator's workplace of the work chamber intended for cleaning surfaces - the so-called blast room. The material was developed on the basis of the RISC SCORE method.
  • An accident at work during the breakfast break
    Question: A person working in an administrative and office position went out to buy a sandwich during a break, then returned and began to eat this sandwich at his desk suddenly breaking the tooth - one. Can it be considered an accident at work?

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