• Subject of the issue: Refraining from carrying out construction works as a right of employees
    When working conditions do not comply with occupational health and safety regulations and pose a direct threat to the health or life of the employee or when the work performed by him poses such a danger to other people, the employee may refrain from work. The above rule is especially relevant in the case of construction works - among which there are particularly dangerous works. The decision to refrain from work belongs to the employee, which does not mean that its legitimacy cannot be ultimately questioned by the employer.
  • Who will be inspected by the National Labor Inspectorate in 2022
    As we have already informed, in 2022 the National Labor Inspectorate plans to conduct 52,000 jobs. controls, and at least 30 thousand. will include its preventive actions. Which entrepreneurs should expect PIP inspections and which industries will the inspectors take a closer look at? Check the details!
  • New regulation on the procedure for recognizing an event as an accident at work - a new model of an accident card
    From February 1, 2022, a new regulation of the Minister of Family and Social Policy is in force on the procedure for recognizing an event occurring during the accident insurance period as an accident at work, legal classification of the event, model accident card and the date of its preparation. What are the changes and what do they consist of? Check what has changed on the accident record.
  • Technological considerations and the temperature in the workplace
    The workplace should be provided with a temperature appropriate to the type of work to be performed (work methods and physical effort necessary to perform it), not lower than 14 ° C, unless technological considerations do not allow it. What does the employer have to remember to take care of the temperature at work? When can the temperature in the workplace be lower than that specified in the regulations? What does the employer have to take into account when the temperature at work is too low?
  • When to report an accident at work
    The accident happened on December 29, 2021, the accident protocol was prepared on January 11, 2022. It was entered in the accident register on January 11, 2022. Should the accident be reported to IWA for 2021 or 2022?
  • Updating the occupational risk assessment in terms of coronavirus - recommendations of an occupational medicine physician
    Most employers had already updated their occupational risk assessment before the entry into force of the amendment to the regulation on harmful biological agents for health in the work environment and protection of the health of workers exposed to these factors, but at that time there was no coronavirus. In the current situation, should an occupational health practitioner recommend an employer who provides preventive care for employees to update the coronavirus risk assessment?
  • Testing the technical condition of tools - practical tips
    The regulations provide for the responsibility of the owner or user for the technical condition of power tools. The regulations, however, do not define the scope or frequency of periodic tests of hand-held power tools. People who check them must therefore use appropriate technical knowledge. How to check power tools? To what extent can the withdrawn Polish Standard PN-EN 08400-10: 1988 be used? Check out this article for tips.
  • Accidents of administrative and office workers - how to prevent them
    Providing the employee with complete and correct information about the threats and the protective measures applied for a given threat, and in their absence, providing the method of protection against the negative consequences of the disclosed threat, may have an impact on the correct behavior of the employee in such a situation. This also applies to administrative and office workers, although this group is the least exposed to an accident. In order to prevent accidents, it is first of all necessary to be aware of the risks to which employees are exposed. It is also important that employers and employees know what their responsibilities are in the event of an accident.
  • OSH specialist - where to start in a new plant
    When we take up a position in a health and safety service cell in a new company, the question usually arises - where to start? The task seems more difficult when the occupational health and safety cell is a one-man operation and we do not have the support of the employer or other employees of the OHS service. In this article, we suggest how and where to start working after taking up the position of an employee of the OHS service in a new workplace.
  • Qualifications for work in the operation of equipment - laser burner, hydraulic press
    The employee performs work, for example, on a hydraulic press, operates a furnace for burning elements or a laser burner , where energy consumption is up to 50 kW. The employee does not perform repairs, inspections, etc. Does he have to have additional powers in such a situation? If so, what are they?

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