• Subject of the issue: Problematic consultation obligation in the field of health and safety - not everything is clear
    The rule is that the employer takes action and organizes work so that it is carried out in safe and hygienic conditions. In this regard, he can and should count on the support of the staff, health and safety services and a doctor who provides preventive health care for employees. It should be remembered that all matters concerning health and safety should be consulted with employees. Unfortunately, the general regulation of the above issue contained in the provisions of the Labor Code does not resolve all doubts related to the obligation to consult.
  • Remote work - what the employer will provide the employee
    As foreseen in the draft act, which is to introduce regulations on remote work to the Labor Code, the employer will first of all have to provide the employee performing remote work with work materials and tools, including technical devices necessary to perform remote work, as well as cover the costs of electricity and telecommunications services necessary to perform remote work. How can the determination of the amount of the cash equivalent in connection with remote work work? What requirements should be met when an employee will use private tools for remote work? Check the details.
  • Monkey pox - a new risk in the work environment and an update of the occupational risk assessment
    The Minister of Health signed an ordinance on activities related to monkey pox. On the other hand, the Chief Sanitary Inspector has prepared guidelines for hospitals in the event of an outbreak of disease in Poland. Should an update of the risk assessment for employees be prepared on this basis (preventive measures), or should we wait until more detailed guidelines for employers and employees are prepared?
  • Occupational risk prevention
    The main objective of occupational risk assessment is to reduce the risk to the lowest that can be achieved. Occupational risk assessment consists in predicting what damages (e.g. injuries, diseases) may happen to an employee employed at a given position and planning what needs to be done to avoid it.
  • An external company at the workplace and health and safety issues
    Every employer, in order to ensure the smooth operation of his company and proper working conditions, must take care not only of the equipment, but also of the employees' environment. Part of the technical work related to the maintenance and ensuring proper working conditions is usually performed by the internal maintenance department or an employee holding the position of a maintenance technician. However, there are jobs that require special equipment or permissions. Then such works are usually outsourced to external companies. Therefore, there is a situation when employees of another employer appear on the premises of our company.
  • Periodic training of employers and people managing employees (part 1)
    Before being allowed to work, each employee should undergo initial OSH training, which should be repeated periodically. However, many entrepreneurs forget that the obligation to train also applies to employers and people managing employees. Check how to prepare such a training well.
  • Working conditions of city bus drivers according to new regulations
    For some time now, new regulations on occupational health and safety in public transport and intercity buses have been in force, the introduction of which was aimed at improving the sanitary and social working conditions of city bus drivers. Make sure you know what has changed, what new solutions should be introduced and when it should be done.
  • Delay in submitting the accident report
    Due to the absence from work of the OHS inspector, the employer received the accident report for approval on the 6th day after its preparation. The employer did not approve the protocol and did not agree with its content. What are the legal consequences of one day delay in delivering the employer report?
  • Minors on a mandate contract - what about medical examinations
    Should the employer (a building materials store hiring an employee for the season) send a minor under a mandate contract for medical examinations? What threats is to be shown on the referral, e.g. microclimate, work in the yard?
  • Outstanding periodic occupational health and safety training of an employee
    The employee had a valid periodic occupational health and safety training for workers in working positions until November 2019. The next training was not carried out because the employee was still on sickness, maternity and parental leave. In the current legal situation (epidemiological threat), is it obligatory to conduct periodic health and safety training before allowing this particular employee to work?
  • Employment of adolescents and children and the obligations of the employer
    What are the obligations of the employer when juveniles are employed in the company for light work? Should a list of light works be sent to the National Labor Inspectorate? Or maybe other documents? Is it possible to employ children under the age of 15?

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