• Subject of the issue: Occupational risk assessment in the position of car mechanic
    Each employer is obliged to carry out an occupational risk assessment. It is a fundamental tool for the safety and health of workers in the workplace. By conducting it on a regular basis, the employer creates safe working conditions in the enterprise and controls the state of hazards in the workplace. We present a comprehensive risk assessment of a professional car mechanic.
  • There will be new regulations on employing foreigners
    Work is underway on the act on employing foreigners, the bill has been submitted to public consultations. The aim of the new act is primarily to streamline the procedures for entrusting work to foreigners, to reduce the backlog of handling cases by offices and to limit abuses, as well as to fully digitize procedures. What solutions will be introduced to improve the process of issuing work permits? To what extent will the powers of public employment services increase? Will the new regulations maintain the so-called labor market test?
  • The place of the accident at work will affect the accident contribution
    In 2023, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy prepared a draft regulation on the statistical accident card at work, which is to enter into force on January 1, 2023. According to the new regulations, it should be indicated whether the accident at work took place during its performance at the company's headquarters or during remote work. This important change is to translate into an increase in the accident contribution for employers.
  • The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) cannot apply the increased rate of accident contribution without issuing a decision
    Delivery of a notification from the Social Insurance Institution on the determination of the amount of the accident contribution, within the meaning of Art. 32 sec. 1 of the Accident Act, does not mean issuing a final decision on the contribution. ZUS cannot apply the increased interest rate of the accident contribution without a prior formal decision on the amount of this contribution and its entitlement.
  • How to define the on-site employee sobriety testing procedure?
    The draft amendment to the Labor Code assumes that employee sobriety tests can be carried out as preventive tests by the employer in the workplace. However, to make it possible, the employer should define the procedure of actions in internal company regulations.
  • When an employee of the health and safety at work service does not fulfill his / her duties
    Irregularities were discovered during the inspection by the National Labor Inspectorate (PIP). The PIP inspector imposed a heavy fine on the employer. Can the employer charge an employee of the health and safety at work service with a charge of improper performance of official duties and dismiss him, while demanding that he pay the imposed penalty, since the employer is responsible for health and safety at the workplace?
  • How to convince employees to change their behavior?
    The behavior of an employee has a huge impact on accident events. Of course, the importance of technological and organizational factors of accidents at work should not be underestimated - they are of great importance, and their elimination provides the employees of the OHS service with a field for work every day. Can employees be persuaded to change their habits and habits into safe ones during OHS training? What arguments to provide and how to convince employees to such a change?
  • Work performed in one place by employees of different employers - principles of proper cooperation
    From the point of view of technical safety at work, a clear system is a situation in which work is performed in one place by employees employed by one employer. The situation becomes more complicated when at the same time and place work is performed by employees employed by different employers. Such an arrangement requires proper cooperation in the area of occupational health and safety.
  • Absence of an employee of the OHS service and the deadline for the preparation of an accident report
    I was on vacation from September 12 to September 30. Two employee accidents were reported during this time. I am not able to meet the 14-day period for the preparation of the accident report. Can I include in point 12 of the protocol the information "leave of an employee of the OHS service"?
  • Employee leasing, outsourcing, temporary employment agency - who draws up a post-accident protocol
    Who is obliged to draw up a protocol establishing the circumstances and causes of an accident at work in the case of: employee leasing, outsourcing, temporary employment agency?

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