• Topic of the issue: Cooperation of structures of several employers in the field of occupational health and safety
    It is not always possible to achieve the goals set by the employer with the use of directly employed personnel - sometimes it is necessary to cooperate with a larger number of entities whose employees perform work in one place and time. This situation is complex especially in the context of ensuring safe working conditions. It requires the cooperation of individual employers and its structures - the OHS service, persons carrying out the obligation to consult in the field of OHS and the social labor inspectorate.
  • Tests and measurements of harmful factors - the latest changes in the regulation
    From January 3, 2023, the regulation of the Minister of Health of December 12, 2022 amending the regulation on testing and measurement of factors harmful to health in the work environment (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 2662) has been in force. What are the introduced changes?
  • The rules of controlling remote work in a new way
    Providing work outside the workplace significantly reduces the employee's ability to control, but does not exclude it. From the article you will learn what rules of remote work control will be determined by the provisions of the Labor Code after the amendment.
  • Recommendation to remove accident hazards as an entitlement of the health and safety service
    Persons in charge of employees are not alone in reacting to irregularities in the field of technical safety at work in the workplace. They can count on the health and safety service, which has the right to address such persons with recommendations to remove identified accident hazards and occupational hazards as well as shortcomings in the field of occupational health and safety. Traditionally, the provision governing this right is concise and imprecise. This may cause practical difficulties in the use of the said right by employees of the occupational health and safety service.
  • Cold microclimate issues in periodic OHS training
    In our climatic conditions during the winter and in workplaces with low temperatures, the physiological defense mechanism against the cold is insufficient. Hence the need to use protection in the form of appropriate clothing, heating rooms, limiting the time spent in low temperatures, etc., as well as high-calorie nutrition and more frequent meals. Periodic health and safety training is a good time to familiarize employees with the impact of low temperature on people, the definition of thermal comfort and the negative effects on the body caused by work in low temperatures. It is also worth showing what to do to reduce the risk of negative effects of working in conditions of exposure to cold.
  • Expenses related to the improvement of working conditions, i.e. what are the costs of security in the company
    How to determine the expenses related to the improvement of working conditions, or to plan the necessary budget for occupational health and safety in the company? What are the costs of security in the company and where are they generated to the greatest extent? Be sure to check it out, because knowledge on this subject directly translates into the state of health and safety in the workplace.
  • How to properly qualify accident events - practical tips
    The correct classification of an accident event sometimes raises doubts. In such cases, it is worth relying on the advice of experienced experts. In this article, health and safety specialists with many years of experience, by answering questions about actual events, help in qualifying accidents of employees and persons employed under civil law contracts.
  • How to develop a plan to improve health and safety conditions in the company
    My task is to develop a plan to improve health and safety conditions in the company for the next year. I am asking for tips on what should be included in the said plan, what should be taken into account when creating it? What costs to consider?

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