• Letter from the PSPS Board (1)
    In this issue you will find part II article by S. Swierczynski "A child is not a small adult", and A.Wicher presents diagnostics and rehabilitation of tinnitus.
  • The "Hear the World (2) campaign
    On October 1 the "Safe Patient" program, organized by the PSPS, starts in the social campaign "Hear the world - hear all shades of sounds". The aim of the "Safe Patient" program is to build patients' awareness of the benefits of prophylactic examinations, enable quick and easy location of prosthetic accredited by PSPS, optimal selection of hearing aids and the principles of functioning of the hearing impaired system in Poland.
  • Association of Alumni and Friends of the Institute of Acoustics of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan (4)
    The aim of the Association is both to meet the expectations of the graduates of the Institute of Acoustics, as well as people, companies and institutions supporting the Institute. This initiative, in addition to maintaining constant contact between graduates and the Institute, deepening friendships and cultivating scientific achievements of the Institute of Acoustics is also aimed at supporting a number of educational, economic, social, scientific and self-educational initiatives undertaken by students, employees, graduates of the Institute of Acoustics and members of the Association.
  • IHCOM Conference 2018 - report (7)
    On August 15-19, 2018, Lake Tahoe, California, hosted the 15th edition of the Inter-national Hearing-Aid Research Conference. Almost 300 audiologists, engineers and scientists from clinics, enterprises and universities from around the world met to discuss topics related to acoustics, hearing science and hearing care.
  • Successful man (10-11)
  • Review of currently existing grades of hearing impairment (13)
  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation of tinnitus (20)
    Tinnitus is a phenomenon consisting in the appearance of a nagging, irritating sound without the participation of a stimulus signal. One of the most important problems related to the rehabilitation of people suffering from tinnitus is the exact knowledge of the cause and "source" of tinnitus. The main aim of the work was to analyze the author's own research results in the field of otoacoustic emission and speech intelligibility against the background of interference noise in relation to the above-mentioned models for the formation of tinnitus, as well as a critical look at current methods of tinnitus rehabilitation.
  • Because a child is not a small adult ... (part 2) (26)
    In addition to the needs of children of automation, in real pediatric apparatuses, you can also find other special solutions developed for them, such as "Roger and Directionality".

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